(JOPLIN, Mo.) Congressional candidate Billy Long spoke to the Missouri Southern State University college republicans at their meeting in Joplin Wednesday, focusing much of his attention on why it is important for young people to be engaged.

“With all the talk about having younger people involved, very few people under 50 years old were at the polls election day,” Long told the room of college students. “You all are the future of this country.”

Long continued his call for sending a fresh voice to Washington, D.C.  “My whole thing for running, is that we need business people up there.” “Obama – the people he surrounds himself with – most of them never run a popsicle stand,” Long said. “I’m taking a common sense approach to D.C.”

Absent from Long’s vocabulary were two words that made him famous during the primary: career politician.

Instead, Long touted meetings with local legislative candidates and his support for his party’s U.S. Senate nominee.

“If we don’t turn out the vote for roy – we’re gonna have Robin Carnahn for the next United States Senator,” Long said.

Afterwords in the media availability, Long took questions from a reporter asking general questions on why he was speaking to the group and youth involvement, but when asked about social security reform, something incredibly relevant to college age students, Long ended the interview, and proceded to leave the building.

Listen to the entire exchange with reporters below.

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