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(CARTHAGE, MO.) Paranormal Science Lab, a group of tech and history savvy folks, opened the Kendrick Family Home to anyone who wanted to dabble in the actual process of T.V.-romanticized…

(CARTHAGE, MO.) Paranormal Science Lab, a group of tech and history savvy folks, opened the Kendrick Family Home to anyone who wanted to dabble in the actual process of T.V.-romanticized ghost hunting.

The facade of the Kendrick Home set the stage for the night. Original brick dimly lit by two light poles complete with a half dollar sized arachnid suspended in his web on the front porch. The entry way decorated with time period appropriate tools and furniture, revealed the first floor rooms and stair leading to the bedrooms.

Alex Martin, an investigator on staff, gave TFJ a pre-tour of the home and equipment. He cited the hoof prints in the floor of the parlor, which was later explained by Lisa Martin, Alex’s mother and Case Manager of P.S.L., horses would be brought inside to protect them from raiders.

Alex highlighted the new camera equipment P.S.L. was using that night. Most paranormal investigators use cameras that record in infrared light, the crew made the decision to modify conventional security cameras so that they record the full spectrum of light. Most specifically ultraviolet light that was used to light the building.

Before the tour began Kelly Harris, President of the Board of Directors for Victorian Carthage, and Lisa gave a brief history of the Kendrick home. Eric Crinnian took over to introduce what findings the team had already made in the home, also adding the disclaimer that all finds had been debunked to the teams fullest ability.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The group split into two, one half traveling upstairs, the other starting in the parlor where Carol’s ball sat. Carol, P.S.L. said, enjoys playing with flashlights. Having a conversation with someone who speaks for the most part in only whispers can be difficult, but the flashlight tests provides a way to communicate in yes or no answers.

Carol’s ball in the parlor of the Kendricks Family Home

The flashlight is placed in the center of a circle, unscrewing the end of the light until very little contact is made. Pounding on the floor from Leon Martin, the tour guide for those who stayed downstairs and  tech manager of P.S.L., could not initiate a response from the lights.

Carol responded to previous questioning about age, sex, and activities. Including her liking of balls and the color red. The team placed a red ball in the house during earlier investigations. This original ball has not been seen since.

The answers Carol gave to initial questioning run parallel to information provided by Mrs. Harris. Carol Sue Janney died of polio in August 1936 while she was a resident of the Kendrick house; she was the daughter of Andrew Janney, a decedent of William Kendrick.

When asked if Carol wanted to have her picture taken the light centered in the group snapped on, when asked to turn off the light it slowly flickered until completely off. This type of conversation continued all night. Carol seemed to have a sense of humor.

The group also experience flashlight in the back room of the home. Where the old operating was located.

View of the back room of the Kendrick’s home from the operating table

Two large planks of wood make the table, burnt in the middle from an unattended candle. The table, which was used during the civil war, would be elevated so that a patients blood would run away from the procedure. Upon closer inspection under UV light, Lisa shows stains that follow the grain of the wood.

Members of the tour traveled upstairs near mid-night, positioning themselves in Carol’s room. The ball from the parlor was brought to the room in hopes of eliciting a response. After interaction with the ball the participants could not conclude any paranormal response.

P.S.L. will continue to have tours of the home throughout the month of October. The 9th, 16th, 23rd, 29th, and 30th are dates for those of you who want a first person experience  to take the tour. But be prepared to stay into the early hours of the morning.

More information on Paranormal Science Lab can be found at their website,

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