Co-workers, Case line-up on ‘Metro Mafia’ claims

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(SPRINGFIELD, Mo.) Co-workers of Jennifer Case have come forward with more details regarding parties she alleged congressional candidate Billy Long participated in. Case, in her letter obtained by TFJ, alleged,…

(SPRINGFIELD, Mo.) Co-workers of Jennifer Case have come forward with more details regarding parties she alleged congressional candidate Billy Long participated in.

Case, in her letter obtained by TFJ, alleged, “On several occasions, [Long] and his friends would close down the grill after returning from Las Vegas and bring in strippers from a local strip club to entertain themselves. Nights like these involved gambling, strippers, and reports of inappropriate contact with staff and underage drinking by some staff.”

Those alleged parties were held by a group called the “Metro Mafia” at the upscale Springfield restaurant, a group Case says Long is a part of. Long even has a steak named  after him on the menu – a 11 oz. rib eye called the “Billy Long cut,” priced at $28.50.

Mafia nights are for those “tired of feeling like the college kid at a high school party.” The time is advertised as “Late-night, upscale shenanigans.”

Sources say Long is denying the claims privately to supporters, and is changing plans to purchase campaign food from the restaurant. To this date, the Long campaign has reported spending over $900 on the restaurant.

This week, TFJ obtained a recording of a conversation between Jennifer Case, an anonymous African-American male former co-worker, an anonymous female former co-worker, and an unidentified man reiterating the allegations made by Case.

The African-American male, who worked mainly in the kitchen, said he was allowed to stay during the alleged late-night parties, but he went home because he didn’t want to be there, and called those who attended “ignorant.”

He alleges on one occasion, the restaurant was closed down the restaurant for a party, and “brown paper” was used to cover up the windows. He alleged the strippers were “young, young girls.” He said they were stripping “on the bar.”

He said he worked there even though he knew he “would be disrespected.” “I worked there because I needed the money.”

He said he thought Long was a “crooked good ‘ol boy.”

“Can you imagine the rapes, the molestations, all the shit that’s going to go on there, and especially if Billy Long’s … in Washington, D.C.,” says the unidentified man. He also reiterated Case’s claim of racism.

The African-American man says to Case, “You’re never going to be able to stop this.”

Case says she’s doing this for the right reasons. “When my grandpa was in World War II, he did the right thing. He went and fought. I can’t do that because I’m a woman, but I can do something. I cannot lie, and not cover up for them anymore.”

Case says Long always always sat at table 21, and said that Long “had his watch party [there],” she said.

“What you do in Vegas,” she says, “They do this here.”

The female former co-worker said at the Super Bowl parties, the same thing went on. She reiterated Case’s claim that employees were required to sign “confidentiality agreements.”

“That place is a portal to hell. Nobody that walks in there to work walks out the same person. They’ve been changed in some way, shape, or form. They’ve compromised something in themselves,” she said.

Case says people need to hear this because to know “this is all valid.” She says people are surprised, and say “nobody does this in Springfield.”

The group also talks about a girl who was allegedly sexually harassed at a “Man Day,” one of the exclusive parties at the restaurant.

The second girl says, “The day after ‘Man Day’ happened, she [a former employee who worked the event] called me on the phone and said, ‘I think I might be an alcoholic,’ cause they were convincing her that she had blacked out. She blacked out, or she done all this stupid shit, or she behaved badly. … She was at the point where she wasn’t even eating. She was so distraught about whatever had happened, and she said ‘All I remember is walking into the bathroom.’ She said, ‘That is the last thing I remember.’ And she said, ‘Then I woke up in the living room, in the little lounge area, and she said, ‘my clothes weren’t the way I had them on, and they were telling me I behaved badly, and they fired me. That’s when she said, ‘I may have done some stupid shit, but I’m not going to drink to the point of blacking out while I’m working. … I might party, but I’m not going to drink to the point of blacking out while I’m working.’”

“She looked drugged, and this was the day after. She didn’t just look she partied hard and had gotten up and had a hangover. She looked like she was recovering from being fucking drugged. She was so out of it,” she said.

The other two sources, joining Case, are being incredibly careful about putting their name on this. They allegedly signed confidentiality agreements with the restaurants, which would obviously lead them to want to speak on anonymity at this time.

Listen to the audio conversation here:

A note on the editing of this tape: The group went in to several off topic anecdotes that were irrelevant and personal, so to protect their anonymity, we removed those portions. Any edits are marked by a soft beep. Names were covered up with a tone, to protect those not directly involved with this particular story.

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