Xbox App For Windows 10: Stream Xbox One Games On PCs

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Windows 10 is expected to launch before the end of 2015. Of course, Microsoft has designed its upcoming operating system from the ground up. Tons of new features are available in the latest version of Windows, which is currently accessible through a preview program. The company can’t afford to release an unfinished or lackluster product. Fortunately, this means that Microsoft is building incredible features for the platform, including the recently announced Xbox App. Using this app even allows gamers to stream their games onto PCs.

What is the Xbox App?

In simple terms, the Xbox App brings various Xbox One features to Windows 10 PCs. Users can access their friends list, chat with other users, and even upload game clips. Windows 10 Preview users can take advantage of an early version of the app right now. However, certain features won’t be available until the actual release of the operating system. Microsoft intends to add more and more features to the app as time passes, too. Streaming capabilities are undoubtedly the most intriguing aspect of the Xbox One App, though.

Streaming From Xbox One to Windows 10 PCs

Various desktops, laptops, and even tablets running Windows 10 can utilize the streaming feature. A gamer can stream their Xbox One titles onto their compatible PCs with ease. To accomplish this feat, each person needs to connect their PC and Xbox One through the Xbox App. The setup process is fast and painless, so players will find themselves enjoying their games within minutes. A connection between the two machines is made through WiFi, which is a requirement to use streaming functionality within Windows 10 and the app.

Which games can be streamed?

With the Xbox App, players can stream any and all titles for the Xbox One. Dozens of games will be able to take advantage of this feature when Windows 10 releases in its final version. That number of games is only going to increase as the Xbox One library continues to grow with further releases. By using this feature, users can get a new experience in playing their console games through a compatible desktop or laptop. Tablet functionality offers an interesting experience for gamers in the comfort of their own homes.

Other Features For Windows 10, Xbox One, and The Xbox App

Obviously, Windows 10 brings a number of other features to Xbox One and PCs. Cross-platform multiplayer will become possible upon the release of the latest Windows version. This will allow PC gamers and console gamers to play on the same multiplayer servers. For years now, gamers have been clamoring for such cross-platform capabilities through online multiplayer. Microsoft plans to introduce regular updates to the Xbox App and features between PCs and consoles.

Microsoft Counting on Windows 10; Gamers Excited For Xbox App

Microsoft can’t maintain its market share without releasing a popular and successful operating system update. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s biggest update in years to its operating system. In the end, gaming features in the Xbox App are designed to make players even more likely to use both their PCs and Xbox One consoles to partaking in regular play. Such a strategy seems to be working because gamers and analysts alike are excited for the Xbox App.

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