Things That Shouldn’t Suck On GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto VI is still a dream at the moment when the speculated release date is said to be sometime in 2016 or 2017. That doesn’t stop the gaming rumor mill from producing golden nuggets like GTA 6’s next setting. Enter: Portland, Oregon. Movoto, a real estate website recently suggested that the next GTA storyline should happen in Portland.

Apparently, the city has more coffee shops to rob and has a smaller police force when compared to Los Angeles, the city that GTA 5’s Los Santos is based on. In the grand scheme of things, companies like Movoto really have no say in the gaming world, but it looks like, this time, fans are rallying around the idea.

Before deciding where to put game’s next set of characters, though, we think that Rockstar should address the things that aren’t working well on GTA 5. Here are few of the things that we think shouldn’t suck on GTA 6:

The Map

For something so central to the game, GTA 5’s map sucks. Big time. It’s such a basic tool to have. One wonders why Rockstar decided to bury it under so many buttons. Seriously! To get to it, you need to pause it, wait for the entire thing to load, it takes its sweet time, and then you need to press A. Not only that, way points are hard to pin. Waypoints should be there to aid the player but since it takes forever and a day to pin them on the map, they’ve become more of a nuisance. When it comes to the map department, other versions of GTA have done a lot better than this. GTA 6 should offer a lot of improvements.

The First Person Mode

This is the one part of the game that got us scratching our heads. Look, we know we use guns in GTA all the time, but it’s still not considered as a real shooter game. That’s the beauty of the GTA-verse. You are part of the city. The fun is in seeing your character run around finding some naughty things to do. The first person mode highly limits your movement. We know it’s optional. But we also know hardly anyone uses it. So, why is it even still there?

The Blatant Misogyny

Yes, we can hear your groan all the way from here. Over the years, a lot of feminists have been attacked for attacking the premise of Grand Theft Auto. While we do agree that you don’t have to play or support a game that you don’t like, we would also like to believe that not all menfolk in the gaming world are brutes. We are capable of evolving. We get that GTA is a twisted version of the American dream and that it’s a huge celebration of the testosterone. That doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. There are a lot of female players of GTA and they’re part of making the game a success.

Put it simply, it’s about time we had a kick ass playable female character who can be as crass as the male characters before her. We don’t have to get the game all cleaned up. We’ve already added female cops. That’s a start. Heck, keep the prostitutes, but add male ones, too. They do exist, you know?

While it’s fun speculating about things as trivial as the next location, we hope some of these issues will get noticed by Rockstar, too. Grand Theft Auto is something that we hold in high regard and any major improvements in these three areas will make us very happy gamers.

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