PES 2015 vs FIFA 15 – A Comparison Review

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Pro Evolution Soccer, PES 2015 from Konami has always given a great competition to EA’s own FIFA 15.

Both football games have continued to exist together in the gaming scenario without losing the competition to one another. It is a great accomplishment but once again which one is the best game for you? Is there something special about PES 2015 that FIFA 15 doesn’t have? Might be!

The Best Pros of FIFA 15

FIFA 15 is a great game without doubt and when the team is backed up by one of the biggest publishers in the world, Electronic Arts, they obviously have access to all the great tools including some amazing kits, players, uniforms and all the official licenses. It is the biggest pro of the game that makes it extremely stylish and a presentation that would appease the entire gaming crowd. Besides, ever since their inception, the game has featured the best commentary which makes every pass, defense and goal matter more than they actually are.

For players who love to have a cinematic experience on a huge HD television screen combined with a controller and some great goal celebrations, FIFA 15 is the game to go for and you don’t have to have any second thoughts about it. Besides, if you love them all; ball control, player movement and realism in the game, you would hardly like Pro Evolution Soccer.

PES 2015 – for the Ultimate Player

Forget everything! The game doesn’t have the visual gimmicks even though it looks good and there aren’t any impressive celebrations. But, PES 2015 easily scores and stays on the top when it comes to an actual football challenge that you wouldn’t miss at any cost. Even new players would find themselves annoyed by the difficulty levels and the realism. You will probably keep replaying it so as to score a goal because scoring even one goal is tough in Pro Evolution Soccer. That’s how the game is and it’s not an arcade title as FIFA 15 is.

Plan your moves and control the players in a strategic manner. The game doesn’t have Ultimate Team to build but is exceptionally well when you play with a friend on the same screen and it is even tough when you join cups such as the UEFA. Try playing as Real Madrid or Barcelona at the medium difficulty level! You risk getting addicted to the game play in no time.

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