What You Should Expect From Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

It is now time for some bizarrely addictive and comical games.

The Plants Vs Zombies series comes first in the line in this category. This game has a huge fan following worldwide. Plants Vs Zombies is a third person shooter game available across all the popular mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The series started only as a PC game. This game offers immersive game play where players can enjoy playing in both single player and multiplayer mode. The main motto is to get rid of zombies by arranging trees strategically. The trees kill zombies and vice versa. The last one standing wins the match. Players can play the role both of zombies and trees.

More Varieties and Upgrades

This newest version, PVZ: Garden Warfare is a redefined third person shooter game with lots of funny characters. There is nothing to be serious about this game. The game itself makes fun of it and the maps are full of satirical jokes and comical references from other serious games. This game offers you an enhanced set of upgrades and character variation. Each character comes with its own special abilities. You can enhance their abilities and skills as you proceed through the levels and unlock upgrades.

Dominate the ‘Chomp Town’

Built with the satirical reference from the Call of Duty Nuke Town, Chomp Town is a funny place. The walls at Chomp Town are full of Zombie made graffiti. One such graffiti says that ‘Plants are stupid’. It is hilarious and pretty obvious for zombies engraving such graffiti on the walls of Chomp Town, because trees are their ultimate enemies. Roam around and take a closer look at the town; you will find some more surprises either made by trees or by the dead walkers. Both the characters are funny and there is no blood and gore about the game. You will experience quality gameplay while you play this game on your phone.

Play in Different Modes

This game can be played in four different modes and an extra Boss Mode is also added. This new version will feature four gaming classes where you can customize your team and position them in different ways. It is a lot like playing team fortress. If you have ever played Team Fortress you will instantly identify a working strategy to win a match in PVZ: Garden Warfare. The Boss Mode is for veterans who have played all the earlier versions of this game. This mode allows you to place necessary supply items for teammates for a more strategic warfare between the plants and zombies. The boss mode makes the game more entertaining but, similarly you will need more brain to win!

Stay Online

Even if you wish to play it with a person sitting next to you, you need to be online. The game does not run in offline mode. This is the only disadvantage for people who like to play offline games without keeping their data connection busy at all times. However, this game doesn’t suck up all your bandwidth and gives you a decent gameplay experience even in moderate bandwidth. That’s a good part.

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