What Has Changed From Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 To Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

Samsung has always had stiff competition in the tablet market, coming from its competitor in not just in tablets, but several other electronics departments as well, Apple. The iPad tablet released by Apple has managed to keep Samsung’s tablet sales at bay, and hinder the Korean manufacturer from stepping up its game. The first generation Galaxy Tab from Samsung wasn’t exactly offering in terms of performance, as it provided an overall weak user experience. In 2012, Samsung came out with the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, which was the successor to the original gadget.  The following year brought the third installment in the series, which is the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. Although several improvements were made on the outside, there wasn’t that much of a change on the inside.

With the Galaxy Tab 3, Samsung pretty much followed the path laid by its Galaxy S smartphone line in terms of design, as the tablet also features the physical and soft keys button combination you would find on devices like the Galaxy S3. The design features smaller dimensions that the Tab 2, as the third Galaxy Tab 7.0 is both thinner, with only 0.39 inches in thickness, and lighter, weighing no more than 0.67 lbs. The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 comes in at 0.41 inches and 0.76 lbs.

As already noted, most of the Tab 3’s improvements are on the exterior, meaning that the internal specification for these two devices are pretty similar. For instance, the display in both cases measures 7 inches and uses a 600 x 1024 resolution, and a pixel density of 169 ppi. The processor is where they take separate ways, although both are dual core. The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 features a 1 GHz processing unit, while its successor has an upgraded 1.2 GHz CPU.

The processing unit is complemented in both cases with 1 GB of RAM, and both devices come in the same variants from a memory point of view. The options offered by the two gadgets are 8 and 16 GB of internal storage space. If you aren’t please with these options, however, and think you need more space, you can always use a microSD card to boost your memory’s capacity.

The camera department is no different, as a 3 MP shooter is on the back of both tablets. They also have the same connectivity options, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. They also support a cell connection.

You can get the Galaxy Tab 2 or 3 for as cheap as $190 and $200 respectively, on Amazon.com

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