The iPhone 6 Has Arrived, But Would It Beat Sony Xperia Z3?

Apple finally manages to come out with their highly expected device, the iPhone 6, which will be the manufacturer’s flagship device for a while. The question is, however, will the new Apple handset pack enough of a punch to stand against other market giants such as the Xperia Z3 from Sony? Stick around and find out from this thorough comparison.


The design of the new iPhone 6 has kept some of the features from the previous model, such as the aluminum finish, while others have been replaced. The new design features a thinner body, which is in fact the thinnest iPhone body to date, measuring 138 x 67 x 6.9mm. Also, the device has rounded edges and a newly positioned Power button. Due to the increase in height, the button was moved from the top to the right side so it may be easier to reach. The phone weighs 129 grams, which is quite understandable if you take into account all the premium materials used.

The Xperia Z3 features the characteristic aspects of a Sony Xperia Z device, but it also suffered a few tweaks here and there. The devicesis covered by a glass panel on the back, while the front is housing a pretty big 5.2 inch display. A nylon cover is on each corner of the device. Speaking of corners, they’ve also been redone, and made rounder than ever. The nylon helps with impacts and prevents damage. The handset continues to be water and dust resistant.


We previously stated that the Xperia Z3 features a 5.2 inch display. Well, that display functions with IPS LCD technology, under a 1920 x 1080 resoluton. Its pixel density isn’t that bad either, 424 ppi. The overall display is in fact better than what the iPhone 6 has to offer, and you might even say that the high battery costs are worth it. The iPhone 6 on the other hand, also features IPS LCD technology for its HD Retina Display screen. It has 4.7 inches, which is smaller than what the Sony device has, but still pretty big. The high image quality is assured by the 1334 x 750 resolution. The iPhone  5S features the same resolution, but at a 325 ppi pixel density.


The internal specifications for the Xperia Z3 are pretty straight forward, with a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. The 2.5 GHz unit features a Krait 400 chip, while an Adreno 330 GPU takes care of the graphics. The included 3 GB of RAM complement the high-end build.

The iPhone 6 on the other hand features an A8 chip, the successor of the highly acclaimed A7 chip from last year’s iPhone 5S. The dual core processing unit is believed to perform 20% faster than the A7, and 50% faster when gaming. Also, the M7 auxiliary processing chip has been updated to the M8, which in combination with the included barometer can now detect changes in your position’s hight, by measuring the air pressure.

In terms of internal memory, we should mention that the Xperia phone comes in 16 and 32 GB variants, while the iPhone 6 comes in 16, 64 and 128 GB versions. The Xperia X3 can also reach 128 GB of storage capacity by using a microSD card.

Apple hasn’t changed the shooter from last year, as it sports the same 8 MP lens, but with some added features and tweaks, both software and hardware related. It is capable of 1080p video, and bring forth “focus pixels”, which is a new technology that allows for a faster autofocus. Improved features and new ones like selfie burst are available for the Facetime camera. The Xperia device is in a similar situation, as it kept the 20.7 MP shooter from the previous model, but added a few new things to it. Low light photos have never been better taken, thanks to the 128000 ISO. HD videos at 1080p can be taken at 30 fps with the 2.2 MP front facing lens. Among the cool features of the Z3’s camera, there’s the possibility of adding a secondary camera imagine to your photo, as well as adding a soundtrack to your shot.

The 3100 mAh found in the Z3 is a bit smaller than the one in the Z2, but the device is supposed to last for about two days straight. Battery specifications for the iPhone 6 are unknown for the moment.


The software department features the classic battle between iOS and Android, with both devices packing the latest build for their respective operating systems. On top of a new operating system, the iPhone 6 brings the HealthKit, which will synchronize with the Apple watch, and will give you access to health-related services, as well as Apple Pay, which will use the phone’s NFC antenna for fast and easy payments.

The Xperia Z3, on the other hand, will feature Android 4.4.4 KitKat. The manufacturer also added the Sony UI for a touch of personalization.

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