The Fallout MMO – What Does This Mean for Fallout 4?

It would not be wrong to term the large fan base of Fallout, a ‘legion’.

These hoards of fans have been waiting patiently on Bethesda to announce something about the next installment of their beloved game – but to no avail. Now that they are tired of waiting and are upset about being fed rumors for years, they are turning towards other things. Slowly but surely, the hype surrounding the possible return of Fallout in the form of Fallout 4, is dying out.

Fallout 4 – What’s Happening?

Bethesda has been busy. Even though the developers are staying mum about Fallout 4 or any development in the franchise, they have been working on other games, all this while. Meanwhile, fans have been speculating about the release of the next title, calculating game release patterns from Bethesda in the past. Since Bethesda does take its time with popular franchises, as it did with the Elder Scrolls V, it could be taking its time with Fallout too. If that is true, and there is no real way of telling whether it is or not, Bethesda may be in the middle of the development of Fallout 4. Some feel that Bethesda may be nearing completion, while there are also a few who have completely lost hope.

Satiating the Hunger for Good Games

Those who are loyal to Bethesda, and swear by their game creating prowess, are able to satiate themselves with The Elder Scrolls V. The much anticipated game took its time in development and Bethesda was successful in generating as much enigma around the title as it has around Fallout 4. However, this time, things may be different, because even as fans sate themselves with loads of The Elder Scrolls, they are still anticipating the release of Fallout 4. Others have been since bitten by the MMO bug and have moved on to the likes of World of Warcraft.

The MMO: Fact or Myth?

Yes, there is a Fallout MMO but it is not made by Bethesda. In fact, this MMO has been created by fans, who just couldn’t wait around forever. This game has the MMO component, which was supposed to be the headline of Bethesda’s reportedly under production Fallout 4. For several months, the game has been under development and it has finally been released as FOnline: Ashes of the Phoenix. The game went online and was available for download since September 5.

The Setting

The FOnline: Ashes of the Phoenix looks eerily similar to Fallout and is set in Phoenix Arizona. This setting has not yet been explored in any of the previous Fallouts, but has been successfully created for this MMO. The game features some PvP action and there can be fights against players from the other factions. Each faction controls some part of the territory and they fight over it. The more territory a faction controls, the more powerful it is. There is no news on this being an official rip off of Fallout, but the game play, the characters and the general look and feel of the game begs to make the allusion.

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