Nokia Lumia 620 vs Nokia Lumia 625 – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

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Windows phones have been taking a new dimension with the launch of new models from Nokia.

The lower end of the Lumia range of phones from Nokia are aimed at the Android phones, which do not offer the same kind of performance as their higher end counterparts. Due to the intense optimization done by Microsoft, Windows offers a seamless experience across several devices with only a few features separating them.


The Lumia 620 is a perfect example of this fact, while the Lumia 625 is a phone that offers much more, especially with its 4.7 inch display. This display is significantly larger than the 3.8 inch display used on the Lumia 620. Apart from the larger size, it also has the better IPS panels compared to the normal TFT display used on the Lumia 620. One issue with the Lumia 625 will be its 480 x 800 pixel resolution, which is the same as that offered in the Lumia 620, on the 4.7 inch display. It means less than 200 pixels per inch and the results are certainly not impressive. The Lumia 620’s display is far more enjoyable with almost 250 pixels per inch.

Nokia offers the Gorilla Glass 2 for the Lumia 625 but one has to resort to third-party protection for the Lumia 620’s screen.


The new Windows Phone 8 operating system requires far less memory than its features suggest. Of course, this operating system lacks the huge number of apps available on the Apple store or the Play Store, but it still houses a number of top apps. Due to the less power requirements, the Lumia 625 comes with only a dual core 1.2 GHz processor coupled with 512 MB of RAM. The Lumia 620’s processor is rated slightly lower at 1 GHz, but it is still a dual core processor that has the same amount of RAM to go along with it. Both phones can be upgraded to the latest 8.1 version, but still offer the same slick user experience found on higher end Lumia phones.


Some key absences in the Lumia 620 occur in the connectivity department where the use of the older version of the Bluetooth (3.0 compared to the 4.0 on the Lumia 625) and absence of the Wi-Fi hotspot feature are notable. However, the Lumia 620 does offer the NFC feature compared to the Lumia 625, which does not.


A five megapixel camera is standard on both phones, but this camera has the ability to record full HD videos on the Lumia 625 while it will be only able to record 720p videos on the Lumia 620. The front facing camera on both phones is a disappointing VGA camera.

FM radio is a nice feature on the Lumia 625 that is absent on the less expensive Lumia 620. The Lumia 620 is priced at $210 while the Lumia 625 is slightly more expensive at around $245. The key differences occur in the video recording and connectivity features.

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