Nintendo Celebrates 125th Year, Launches Transparent 2DS

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Critics opine that the glorious days for the most powerful player in the gaming community is slowly coming to an end.

But, Nintendo is still proving otherwise and are successfully celebrating this occasion. The company has completed 125 years, which is definitely a proud accomplishment that may take a long time for Sony or Microsoft to reach. The 125th birthday for the publishing company was celebrated in a grand manner.

They established in 1889 and have had a really strong run over the years. It is astonishing to see them still going strong in 2014 and gearing up to launch all new console hardware in 2015. Special cakes were delivered to all their offices which was designed inspired by the Mario Bros universe and has Mario standing on top of it, with a cheery waving hand to mark the occasion. The company now shares the great 125 years of existence with other landmark companies including Coca Cola, Wall Street Journal and the Wimbledon FC.

Original Launch

Originally, Nintendo was a playing card company which was established by a Japanese entrepreneur. It was only in the 1980s that it gained momentum and the grandson of the entrepreneur started establishing it by selling their products abroad. They didn’t literally jump into the video gaming industry immediately but rather spent time running taxis, love hotels and selling rice in the country until the Mario bug hit them. They started experimenting with electronic toys which slowly pushed them towards the video game consoles. Now, we know that it is history, even though their Wii U is struggling; all that they need is one hardware to push them to the top again.

All New Transparent 2DS

While the launch of the new transparent 2DS is not directly linked to their 125th birthday, Nintendo has decided to bring it out during this special occasion. The console looks hot and boasts of a design that shows the inner hardware when you play using it. It will come bundled with a 4GB memory card with demos of Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire pre-installed with it. The 2DS consoles are cheaper to manufacture and have been a huge hit since their debut. The console will be available in retail to purchase in the month of November along with the Pokemon game launches. You will get to play Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire as launch titles on this new handheld console.


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