Moto G vs. Moto X2 – Quick Comparison of Interface and Performance

Motorola has been trying hard to get back in the smartphone race.

The company has been designing handsets catering to the needs of the masses. However, the products of the company lack the knack to appear as a tough competitor in the smartphone market. Not to be mistaken that the Motorola does not offer state of the art handsets, but they lack the mojo to win over the crowd.

However, with the release of Moto G, the company has gained some hope in the smartphone market. After the successful release of the Moto G, the company has been contemplating on releasing its next product, the Moto X2. The expected release of the Moto X2 is in the month of September 2014.

Let us compare the Moto G to the expected enhancements made to the Moto X2, in terms of their interface and Performance.

Interface and Performance

Moto G

Motorola has an affinity for the stock Android version 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system, as the same has been seen on the Moto X smartphone. In comparison to what other smartphones have to offer to the masses, the Moto G offers a simple and straightforward UI experience. The company has designed the Moto G for the masses, which are not power freaks or specification geeks, but the ones who are contented with the things getting done.

However, there is nothing new to offer from the company in terms of user interface experience, which Motorola has offered before, in its other siblings. Regardless, the Moto G does not come equipped with the Touch-free control and Active Display features, as seen in its predecessor, the Moto X smartphone. Despite lacking the aforementioned features, the Moto G comes equipped with all the basic features of Android based smartphone, as seen and loved in its predecessors.

In terms of organizing, the Moto G claims usual set of core applications, as seen on any Android based smartphone available in the market.

Moto X2

In terms of performance, the Moto X2 is expected to offer the users with considerably better experience, due to its Snapdragon quad core processor running at a speed of 2.2GHz. The smartphone has improved over its predecessor’s dual core processor running at a speed of 1.7GHz. The processor may not be top of the line from Snapdragon, but the impressive clock speed would most definitely provide superior performance as compared to its predecessors. The Moto X2 is expected to come equipped with the latest Android version4.4 operating system, for improved multitasking experience. It would not be surprising for the users to see the Moto X2 come equipped with RAM of 3GB.


The release of Moto G was a revolutionary step for the Motorola Company. The smartphone, when released at a reasonable price, raised some eyebrows and concerns in the smartphone market. However, the much-awaited Moto X2 is expected to create havoc in the market in the similar manner, with its updated features and specifications. Moreover, the smartphone is expected to be launched by the company at a reasonable price, providing the masses with another budget friendly smartphone to think about, before purchasing a new or changing their older smartphone.


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