Minecraft Xbox One vs Xbox 360 – Graphics Comparison

Minecraft has been finally released for Microsoft’s Xbox One last week and a lot of Minecraft players bought this Edition. That’s probably because Minecraft: Xbox One Edition comes with 36 times bigger worlds and awesome graphics. On the new Edition you can now see “further” away instead of seeing just fog.

Microsoft has showed the difference to the fans in order to either make them buy Minercraft: Xbox One Edition or maybe to convince them to try the Xbox One console (in case they don’t have one) and then get Minecraft for it.

One of the differences is the Menu Navigation that it has been simplified now. A new tabbed interface helps the players to see more easily the items that they can use to create along with the ones they already have in inventory.

The new Minecraft players will have an easy time on this version Xbox One version, because it seems that the things are much more intuitive than before. To play online, they will have to tick on the box from the option menu. It seems that Microsoft focused on this “easy setup” thing that comes with some options that can setup your game easily, such as: playing with friends, playing with everyone or based on invites only.

Also the new players will have now some tutorials on Minecraft: Xbox One Edition that will help them understand the game faster and better. There are other features that the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition comes with, which include the new achievements. It also comes with 20 DLCs, skin packs, texture packs from the Minecraft: Xbox 360 and those who already bought them on Xbox 360 they will be able to get them for FREE on Xbox One. One of the best features that were added on both Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition, is that the Minecraft players from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 can save their worlds and import them to the new consoles. This way, they will not have to start-over when they start playing Minecraft on their next-generation consoles.

If you are an old player of Minecraft and you have the game on your Xbox 360, you will be able to buy it at a discount, of only 4.99, but if you are a new player, then you will have to pay 19.99 dollars for it.

There are also the transfer saves which allow the veteran players to import their worlds from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One version in only a few minutes.


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