Minecraft Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita Updates

4J Studios has been launching plenty of updates to its gaming enthusiasts, including the latest happenings in the yet-to-be-released Minecraft PS Vita Edition. In one of its latest announcements, the developer has revealed that they are still in the process of fixing up Minecraft PS Vita and need some more time to hand everything over to Sony for the final certification. Reports of bugs and then the process of sorting them out has always been an issue for games from Minecraft due to the options made when game development first started.

Simultaneously, they are also making efforts to fix up the bugs that had been reported in Minecraft Xbox One and Minecraft PS4 edition. A Minecraft Xbox One update has already been rolled out; however, the developer has said that it is just a small fix for the bugs that were leading to black holes.

The Minecrat PS3 edition has a small update already, which lets for PS3 world save transfers to the Minecraft PS4 edition. After downloading this update, gamers just have to navigate to the saves list, go to the save that they wish to transfer following which they can just select R1 to get the Save option to shift the world to Minecraft PS4 edition.

There has been another tweet message by 4J Studios, stating that a bigger update is planned to be launched for the next generation Minecraft editions.

The news that Minecraft is still working on fixing up Minecraft PS Vita Edition is a disappointing one, though it’s great to get to know that Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft and Mojang along with its hasn’t stopped the development process in any way. This is quite a big event for Microsoft as well as its CEO Satya Nadella, taking to consideration the fact that this is the first deal to be signed following Nadella’s takeover of the company as the CEO. Nadella stated that this purchase is much more than just getting a new gameplay for the platform Xbox.

Gaming fans have been waiting for quite some time for Minecraft PS Vita Edition to come up, though it seems like they may have to wait still for a little longer. Minecraft said that work is in quick progress for the PS Vita edition and Minecraft PS4 Edition. Once the PS Vita game is released, the developer will concentrate on more severe bugs, which have been found ever since the gamers started playing the games. The small update that has been released for Xbox One addresses stats problems and a world generation bug.

Let’s keep an eye out for the new updates as the game approaches its release date.

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