Minecraft Xbox One Launched Today With Gorgeous Graphics While Doctor Who is Coming to Minecraft Xbox 360

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According to BBC Worldwide, a deal made between Mojang and Microsoft Studios to bring “Doctor Who” on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, is coming soon.

Sometime this month, the Xbox 360 players that bought Minecraft will be able to access the “Doctor Who” DLC pack that comes with the characters from the show. The first pack will be priced at around 3.25 dollars and it will feature a character inspired by the Twelfth Doctor and five other doctors.

It seems that there will be more DLC packs added and each skin pack will feature at least six new doctors.

There are over 13 million copies of Minecraft: Xbox 360 sold, and the upcoming Doctor Who DLC pack, will surely make a lot of fans very happy.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

In the meantime, there are a lot of Minecraft fans who have been waiting for this day. Today, Minecraft will be released for the Microsoft’s next generation console, while the PS4 version was released yesterday. The price for Minecraft: Xbox One is 19.99 dollars and the fans who already own Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition will get the new Edition at a discounted price, which is 4.99 dollars.

Minecraft: PlayStation 4

Minecraft: PlayStation 4 was firstly released for Europe, but soon after that it was released for the US version also. However, it seems that the Minecraft: PlayStation 3 version was not updated yet to allow its players to save their worlds in order to be able to import them to the Minecraft: PlayStation 4. We saw a lot of disappointed fans on Twitter, but we’re pretty sure that Sony is trying to find a solution so they can update the PS 3 edition soon.

Minecraft on the next-generation consoles will come with a lot new features and some of them are the improved graphics, 36 times larger worlds than the previous console editions and a better draw distance. Most of the DLC packs that are currently in Xbox One and PS 3 will be added. In case you own some DLCs on your Minecraft Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, and they will be available on the next-generation console editions, you will have it for free.




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