Minecraft Xbox Latest Updates

Minecraft has been one of the leading gaming developers in the world today with many already-launched and yet-to-launch popular games like Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita, PS 4, and much more.

In this article, we’ll get to read about some of the latest Minecraft Xbox updates.

One of the latest reports that has been creating a buzz in the gaming market is that the software giant Microsoft has decided to take over Minecraft. So, fans can expect to see few differences that according to Microsoft will make gaming enthusiasts want to take up Minecraft Xbox.

This famous building game has expanded a lot in many ways. However, past the regular updates that fetch in more features, the same title has also expanded to several more different platforms. Recently, fans got to see the launch of Minecraft Xbox One Edition, which expands the game literally and figuratively.

As of now, the gaming developer is busy working with the PlayStation platform editions of the game.  Once they are through with it, they are likely to begin dealing with the Xbox One bugs. If these bugs are discovered and rectified soon enough, Minecraft has stated that it would be moving ahead to the next update, which will be appropriate for all consoles.

Irrespective of these latest Xbox updates, the most happening gossip is the reported deal that is supposed to happen with Microsoft for buying Minecraft and this deal is now supposedly up to a USD2.5 billion dollar venture. This is possibly due to not just Xbox 360 and Xbox One wing, but also for Microsoft’s mobile sector. Microsoft may be looking forward to lure more number of users on to its mobile platform. This seems to be a quite viable reason, considering how Minecraft is also present on mobile and also seeing the reports that show 2.5-percent power of Windows phones as against its iOS and Android rivals.

One possible repercussion of this Microsoft buyout could be that the popular game may turn out to be limited to the buyer. This may mean adversity for Minecraft PS3 Edition, Minecraft PS4 Edition, and Minecraft PS Vita Edition players. Though, this may also not happen and Microsoft may not cease the sales of these 3 PlayStation platforms.

After the release of the PS4 version, it didn’t have the ability for users to shift their saved worlds to the present generation from previous generation, unlike Xbox One and Xbox 360. The duties of console porting for the open world game were handled by 4J Studios. Xbox 360 as well as PS3 was given a discounted price for buying Xbox One or PS4 counterparts.

Players can shift their worlds by moving to the saved list on PS3 edition, choosing their preferred world, and they can get the Save Options by pressing R1.

We’ll have to wait as the gaming developer giant releases more updates for Minecraft Xbox.

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