Minecraft PS4 Edition Has Been Officially Launched

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The most anticipated open world sandbox builder Minecraft PS4 edition is finally out, much to the joy of ardent fans who simply adore the franchise.

The game was under development for a long time and 4J studios were doing their best to bring it out in time. It was supposed to have got released a couple of months ago, but production delays pushed it to the end of the year. It doesn’t matter now, because you can grab a copy of the game and start playing it on your next generation console, the Playstation 4.

The developers have confirmed that the game will feature maps that are almost ten times bigger than its older version, better textures, higher resolution and a whole lot of features released through the title updates. Another added advantage of the new edition is that it will allow players to transfer their saves from Playstation 3 to the new Playstation 4 console. It is a welcome addition, because you just don’t have to say goodbye to all the creations and hours you have already spent on the game on the older generation hardware.

Pricing Details

If you are playing to buy a brand new copy of the Minecraft PS4 edition, you will be paying an affordable $19.99 for the game. However, as most ardent fans already own the game, the developers have decided to come up with a special package for them all. If you own the Playstation 3 version of the game, you have to pay just $4.99 to upgrade to the Playstation 4 version of the game.

A similar deal exists for the Xbox One edition of the game as well from Microsoft. Sony has confirmed the same for their version as well, which will be sold as a digital download copy. There is no official release date for the retail, boxed edition of the game. But, as Microsoft has announced they will bring a retail copy during the Holiday season, we expect Sony to do the same. They will most probably release the edition in the month of November or December.

Exclusive Content

The Minecraft PS4 edition is confirmed to have many exclusive skin packs, texture packs and other content to look into. Some of the skins include Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake from the Uncharted Series, Sonic, among many others. 4J Studios submitted the PS4 edition of the game to Sony for certificate testing a couple of days ago but it got rejected owing issues. The submission was made one more time before the company approved it and accepted to release the game. You can download the title from the Sony Playstation Store. However, 4J or Sony hasn’t revealed any information related to the PS Vita edition of the game. As 4J is now done with the new generation console versions, we expect them to work on the handheld version and bring it out to the general gaming community shortly. Are you enjoying your Minecraft on Playstation 4 already? Tell us!

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