Minecraft PS Vita At Sony for the Final Test – Microsoft could do with Minecraft?

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4J Studios have always kept their twitter fans up to date with the things that are going on. As they announced a few days ago, Minecraft: PS Vita edition is finally at Sony and it is expected to get an answer soon, hopefully a positive one. Maybe the PS Vita users will enjoy Minecraft on their devices more than expected if Sony doesn’t find any errors while testing the Minecraft: PS Vita Edition received from 4J Studios.

4J Studios announced in a tweet that Minecraft: Xbox One and Minecraft: PlayStation 4 will receive soon more updates, most likely to fix some issues that the developers have found or which were reported by the players. Minecraft: Xbox 360 and Minecraft: PlayStation 3 already received an update which now allows the players to save the worlds from these versions. After that, they can upload the worlds to their Minecraft: Xbox One and Minecraft: PlayStation 4, but unfortunately, the transfer works only from the same consoles from the same manufacturer: Xbox 360->Xbox One and PS3->PS4.

According to The Epoch Times, a new patch will be released for Minecraft: PS4 on October 3 in Europe and October 7 in North America. They also added that a lot of Minecraft players sent letters to Microsoft and beg them to not “mess up” Minecraft. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said that they don’t plan to ruin Minecraft and they will keep all things that love about Minecraft the same.

Things that Microsoft should do with Minecraft

  1. Console Updates

    Some of the features that are already on the Minecraft: PC Edition, are missing on the consoles. While the old consoles might have had some problems holding these kinds of features, we’re pretty sure that the next-generation consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, are now able to hold any type of features the Minecraft: PC Edition has. With other words, Minecraft should bring all the PC features to consoles, the sooner the better.

  2. New Zones, Weapons, Animals, Potions

Microsoft could make Minecraft more fun by adding new zones which might bring new type of items that will allow you to create more powerful weapons. This way, they will keep the players interested, because they will be perceptive when it comes to new things.

  1. Leave Minecraft how it is (graphical wise)

    One thing that will ruin Minecraft is by changing its graphics. We know that they are so poor but that’s what makes this game more interesting and lego style. A lot of kids play this game because of the “lego” style graphics and all they do in this game is constructing stuff. If Microsoft will come with some “shiny” and “polished” graphics, Minecraft will be in danger of losing a big part of its community.

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