Minecraft Maker Mojang May Be Purchased By Microsoft

This should be one of the most unexpected rumors in recent times because we never expected Microsoft to eye a company like Mojang.

The Windows developer has focused on purchasing multiple companies but trying to buy the Minecraft franchise was something nobody expected. Even though, it is mostly a rumor, it could possibly become the truth very soon because these updates turn into sales before we could blink an eye. Earlier, Twitch was purchased in an unexpected deal by Amazon. It was supposed to be part of YouTube as Google was keen on acquiring the company but thinks changed and we came to know that Amazon completed the deal within a day’s time. Similarly, do not be surprised if you start reading the headlines that Microsoft has acquired Mojang when you are reading this because things happen so quickly these days.

$2 Billion Deal

The amount that Microsoft has quoted for Mojang looks extremely high. They have proposed a $2 billion deal to purchase the company, according to the reports made by the Wall Street Journal. Another rumor mill claims that an agreement can be made within 7- 10 days, but if Microsoft shows interest in a company, others will start scrambling to purchase it as well. The news comes in the wake of the release of Minecraft Xbox One and Minecraft PS4 releases. The game has finally made its way to next generation consoles while a PS Vita version is still under development. Throughout history, Mojang has always been reluctant for such acquisitions. They choose to operate on their own and were not ready to be acquired by any big player because the company opined that it may force them to change their development team as well as a primary objective.

Being an Independent Company

A year ago, Mojang’s Markus Persson said, “We enjoy the independence that we have and we always feel that it is one of our core strengths. Without it, we may not be able to take any decisions on our own. Sometimes we even make decisions within fifteen minutes of entering the conference room. Our extreme agility in releasing games and bringing ideas to the table comes from this level of freedom that we enjoy.” The company has enjoyed immense success over the years and even though Minecraft originally started in PC, the game gradually was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. It was a hugely successful outing that made the developers ask 4J Studios to continue porting the game to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Last year, Mojang made $326 million in revenue and it is no surprise that Microsoft is interested in purchasing the company that has displayed huge potential. So far, we haven’t received any official confirmation but once we know for sure, we will update you when the deal is done. If Microsoft acquires the company, it is to be known how Minecraft changes in the future and whether they will try any exclusivity deals with it as they do with Gears of War or Halo titles.


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