Minecraft Being Sold for 2.5 Billion Dollars – Reasons Why Microsoft Wants To Buy It

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As we told you yesterday, Microsoft was planning to buy Minecraft, and now it’s officially happening. The cost of acquisition of Mojang, the Swedish developer, was raised up to 2.5 billion dollars and Microsoft had no problems spending this amount of money.

Owen Hill, a spokesman of Mojang and Microsoft wanted to reassure all the Minecraft fans that the most played building simulator will continue, being unaffected by this, despite of the rumors appearing all over the internet according to which Microsoft intends to buy Minecraft to favor the Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles and shut it down from the Sony’s consoles: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Hill said that was a big pressure to run a company that has generated around 326 million dollars in the last year, and this was too much for the founders, Carl Manneh, Jako Porser and Markus Persson, which made them think that is better to just leave the company and sell it to Microsoft.

Minecraft, after its launch back in 2009, became a global phenomenon and since then Mojang sold over 50 million copies on PC, consoles and smartphones. Microsoft claimed that Minecraft was downloaded more than 100 million times on PC since 2009 (which includes the free downloads), while the Xbox 360 gamers played more than 2 billion hours in the past two years.

Mojang assured Minecraft’s fans that the company will still work on Minecraft even if Microsoft purchases it. They added that the future of Minecraft is not known yet, but they are sure that everyone involved into the game’s development wants to see the game’s community growing and becoming more amazing than it was before.

Microsoft confirmed that they will not stop the development for the other current platforms that Minecraft is released on, at the moment. Even if some rumors said that Microsoft will favor their platforms, this will not happen and all the platforms will be updated, not just theirs.

However, we think that Microsoft will use their leverage in order to “level” some things, since we all know that Xbox One is behind PlayStation 4 and that Windows Phone is somehow behind iOS and Android. They might use Minecraft in order to boost up their market and they might succeed with that.

Five reasons why Microsoft would want to buy Minecraft

  1. Taxes

    It is known that the US companies pay big taxes in order to bring their money into the US. Microsoft bought three other international companies in 2014. This is a great trick to avoid taxes and Microsoft knows that very well.

  2. Minecraft is addictive

Minecraft is a very addictive game mostly for the kids. If Microsoft will plan to favor their Xbox consoles by bringing new updates to them and will leave Sony’s consoles behind in updates, then most of these kids will want to get their hands on Microsoft’s consoles.

  1. Minecraft on Windows Phone

    Smartphones are becoming very powerful and in consequence they are very popular. Since Windows Phone is way behind Android and iOS, Microsoft might think on bringing a powerful Minecraft version for Windows Phone, which will increase the number of customers who’ll buy their mobile phones.

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