Microsoft Xbox One Release Date in China Gets Delayed

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Microsoft has postponed the launch of its Xbox One console in China. Xbox One was scheduled to be released today (September 23). The new release date is not known yet, but it seems that Microsoft is planning on releasing it sometime around the end of 2014.

Microsoft is being investigated in China for some suspect violations of anti-trust laws relating to the operating system Windows, and Microsoft Office, and it seems that this was the reason why the Xbox One couldn’t be released today.

Earlier this year, the Chinese government removed a ban that didn’t allow Microsoft to sell their consoles in China. Last year, Microsoft had an agreement with BesTV New Media, which is a company that makes TV set top boxes, to manufacture consoles for the Free Trade Zone in Shanghai.

Microsoft said in July that they will sell in China the Xbox One without Kinect, the motion detection system, for 3699 Yuan, which is around 602 dollars, and the Xbox One that includes Kinect, for 4299 Yuan, which is around 700 dollars.

China is the 3rd largest gaming market from the world, where the revenues have increased by 1/3 in 2013, reaching almost 14 million dollars.

Sony said in May that they will conclude an agreement with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group to import PlayStation consoles in China.

Until now, there is no official news about when Xbox One will be released in China, but there will be plenty games that will be on sale in China, from free to play games, which are not so popular, to very popular ones. Some of the games are Kinect Sports’ rivals and Forza Motorsport 5 along with some games created by Chinese developers such as Tencent, YIngpei and Snail Games. The games will be priced between 16 and 40 dollars.

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