Microsoft Xbox One Now Officially Available In Japan

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Microsoft’s Xbox One console has been officially launched in Japan.

Even though, it is a solid nine months of delay since the hardware debuted in the United States and Europe, it is good news that Microsoft has finally released it without further delay. Compared to Sony’s Playstation 4, Xbox One worldwide launch is progressing at a slow rate and even if it does, there are very few compulsive games on the platform. The new generation console is the last to reach Japan after Wii U and Playstation 4 that got launched a couple of months ago.

Pricing Details

For approximately $480 or ¥49,980, you will be able to purchase an Xbox One in Japan with the Kinect motion tracking system. For those who are not convinced that this semi-virtual reality accessory is worth the investment, you will be able to purchase a Kinect-less version for ¥39,980 which is approximately $380 in the U.S. A whole lot of new titles are expected to launch with the hardware which should give gamers some good titles to play as soon as they buy it.

Launch Titles

Speaking during the launch, a Microsoft spokesperson said, “We are enthralled to bring some of our best games to the Japanese market and we are really committed to making Xbox One the best gaming console to go for. The titles that you could look forward to include Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse Son of Rome, FIFA 14, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2 and the most awaited Halo Master Chief Collection. It will also come bundled with access to Halo 5 Guardians multiplayer beta and there will also be titles from Japanese developers such as D4.”

All these titles are already available for players in most continents and have been received with rave reviews. We are yet to see how Japan embraces the new console that is stuck in a bit of controversy, especially because of its inferior hardware that couldn’t render games in full 1080p 60 fps. Others say that both new generation consoles are really low in terms of power when compared to any mid-range or low-end computer which is downgrading the gaming community.

In the past, Microsoft witnessed a huge success with their Xbox 360 console and believes that Xbox One will receive the same support from the audience there. There was a statistical study that claimed console gaming is nearly dead in Japan, but Phil Spencer from Microsoft believes it’s not over so early. He still believes that there is so much scope for games and gaming consoles there, which will prevail for a long time. September is the biggest month of expansion for the Xbox One console because it is officially getting launched in some of the best regions in the world.

The console comes to 25 new regions this season including China, Russia and India. The huge population in these territories, especially China is expected to boost the company’s hardware sales and help them regain their position back in their home country.

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