Microsoft Might Announce Their Plans on Buying Minecraft – Would They Change Platforms?

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After Apple’s iPhone 6 smartphone was launched, a few rumors appeared this week, saying that Microsoft is planning to acquire Mojang’s Minecraft game. It is rumored that Microsoft wants to buy one of the most popular and played games for the sum of 2.5 billion dollars and it’s very likely that Microsoft will announce its intentions tomorrow (Monday, September 15).

Microsoft would want to buy Minecraft for many reasons, but some developers and analysts think that it is related to the Windows Phone OS and because Minecraft because very popular on Android and iOS. Currently, there are over 100 million players across all the platforms that support Minecraft. For the moment, Minecraft is not available for Windows Phone and that’s a pretty good reason for Microsoft to get their “hands” on Minecraft. If Microsoft will buy Minecraft, the game will be surely launched on Windows Phone, without any doubt.

Rick Sherlund, a Nomura analyst, said that they don’t think Microsoft is planning to bring more players on the Xbox One console, but instead he believes that Minecraft for Windows Phone will surely bring a lot of money to Microsoft’s pocket. Sherlund added that if Microsoft will buy Minecraft, they could work on bringing a more powerful Minecraft edition on Windows Phone than the current Android or iOS has.

In the meanwhile, Markus Persson, the creator and co-founder of Mojang, even if in the past had criticized Microsoft, now it’s discussing with Microsoft about Minecraft and we will hear more news tomorrow, when Microsoft will probably come with some information.

A lot of Minecraft fans think that selling Minecraft to Microsoft is a bad idea and if this happens, it will probably be “the end of MC”, as a fan, wrote Persson on Twitter. Some gaming website even said that if Microsoft will buy Minecraft, editions such as PS3, PS4, iOS or Android will be removed or will not receive updates, determining the players to migrate to Microsoft’s platforms.

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