Micromax Funbook Pro vs Spice Stellar Pad vs Karbonn Smart Tab 10 – Top Specs and Features Comparison

Micromax, Spice and Karbonn are three tablets and phones manufacturers from India that have been competing against the popular companies like Apple and Samsung which have higher costs and the chipper ones are not so bad either.

Here is a comparison between three tablets developed by these Indian companies, namely Micromax Funbook Pro, the Spice Stellar Pad and the Karbonn Smart Tab 10. Let’s see their specifications and features that are attractive to the buyers.


The Funbook Pro and the Spice Stellar Pad come out of the box with the same size of 10.1 inched touch screens, while the Karbonn Smart Tab it is relatively smaller with a display of 9.7 inches that is also a touch screen. The screen resolution for the Karbonn tablet is 1024×768 pixels, and for the Micromax Funbook Pro is 1024×600 pixels, but the Spice device provides a better display resolution at 1280×800 pixels. All of these devices have multi-touch, and they also support Full HD 1080p videos.

Between the three tablets, the best looking device is the Spice Stellar Pad, when it comes to their exterior design.

Power and RAM

The Micromax Funbook is powered by a Cortex-A8 processor, clocked at 1.2GHz, whereas the Karbonn tablet comes with a dual-core processor at 1.5GHz which is Cortex-A9, and the Spice Stellar Pad has the same processor power as the Karbonn’s  but in addition it has a quad core GPU for displaying better graphics on a wide screen.
For their efficiency and multitasking, all the three tablets provide DDR3 RAM of 1 GB. Though, the memory storage in the Spice pad is almost double than the other two, having 16 GB in built storage, expandable to 64 GB via micro SD card; the Smart Tab and the Funbook offer 8 GB internal memory, with only 32 GB for expansion.

The OS

Coming out of the box the Micromax device runs on Android OS v.4.0.3 Ice-Cream Sandwich, the Jelly Bean variant for it being excluded, which is an inconvenient for the users to do manually all the updates when they buy the tablet.

The Karbonn Smart Tab 10 runs on Android 4.1.1 version Jelly Bean while the Spice Stellar Pad comes on Android v4.1 also Jelly Bean

The Karbonn and Spice tablets have Wi-Fi b/g/n standard, whereas the Micromax device has the 802.11b/g .All the three tablets do not provide a SIM port, but it can still be connected to a data network with the USB. Other standard connectivity options are Bluetooth and GPS.


When it comes to the camera, the Funbook Pro comes with a front facing VGA camera unit and no back facing unit, and this is a huge inconvenience for the users who want to take outdoor. Besides the VGA front facing shooter, the Karbonn Tab 10 provides a rear facing camera of 2MP, whereas the Spice has a neat 3MP shooter, although after some tests there wasn’t such a big difference in the photos quality.


For the battery power Micromax Funbook offers 5600mAh, the Karbonn tablet 600mAh, whereas the Spice Stellar Pad comes with the best capacity of 7600mAh. The Spice device is certainly the best when it comes to the battery because it offers a long time for usage after a single charge.

On the other hand, the Karbonn Smart Tab 10 apparently offers a better back-up due to its simpler interface.


After we’ve learned about their specs and features, it is clear that the Spice Stellar Pad is the best device from the three ones because of its better screen display, the big battery capacity and also features a good camera unit.

Even if the tablets are different branded, they still look very similar and have the relatively the same connectivity functions, and with their similar traditional Android interface, these three tablet cannot be compared with the ones of the brands that are priced almost double.


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