Making Free Phone Calls using the Internet

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It is quite possible to make free calls over the phone with the use of internet – free of cost!! There are a number of internet phone programs, which allow one to make free phone calls. Many of these software/apps can be used only in Canada and US, while most others can be used from just about any part of the world.

There are 4 different ways by which free internet phone calls can be made:

  1. PC to PC: This internet calling service is when a PC can make a call to another computer.
  1. PC to Phone: These are programs, which let you make a free internet call from a PC to a phone number.
  1. App to Phone: These are used with the help of software that lets you make calls to an actual mobile number from your phone. This helps you make calls to mobiles that don’t necessarily support the app.
  1. App to App: This is a service that runs on mobile devices alone and works only if the mobile phone on the other end has the same app installed.

Here is a list of top 7 ways of making free phone calls that use the internet:

  1. Magic Jack: This popular app to app calling software makes use of actual phone numbers in order to make free calls. It lets you call any MagicJack user for free from any part of the world and also allows user to call any telephone number in Canada and US even if the receiver (like landline) does not have a MagicJack app. Your contact list will automatically appear in your MagicJack app, which makes it really easy to call. 
  1. Google Voice: This is the most popular way of calling, while making use of internet. One can make calls to an actual number, free PC to phone calls, PC to PC calls – that’s quite a lot of options! This also lets you route calls to your free phone number that Google Voice provides. There are options like SMS and conference calls as well. 
  1. Viber: This is a free app to app/PC to PC internet calling facility. It works over a wide range of devices – Nokia, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows phone, etc. You can also install the application on your PC. 
  1. BlackBerry Messenger: This is the only mobile application that is exclusively used on Blackberry phones. This is used for making free internet phone calls to other users of BBM. 
  1. Tango: This is a free service, which allows you to make free internet phone calls through the installed app. Much like Viber, it allows for calls between apps alone. The app can be installed on Android, Windows, iOS, BlackBerry, and Kindle devices. 
  1. Facebook Messenger: This is a messaging app from Facebook. It lets you transmit messages and make free internet calls from app to app and PC to PC. In order to make calls, it is required that both users are friends on Facebook. 
  1. Skype: A classic favourite, Skype is the oldest of them all. It lets you make calls over various platforms from desktop to mobile. There are desktop versions available even for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

You can also check out other applications like ooVoo, Yahoo messenger, and the likes that are not very different from the applications listed above.

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