LINE vs WeChat vs Viber – The Free Calls Rush

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Consolidation is fast and mobile messaging is a huge concept in the world of technology today.

This is evident in the way the messaging app developers and owners are buying each other out in cash and stocks. Messaging is not just a top activity for smartphones, but it is also increasingly popular on social networks. People use texting apps to send messages, videos, photos among other content either on one-on-one basis or in groups.

LINE, WeChat and Viber are some of the leading texting and calling apps available today. Making free calls is one of the many features they offer.

How do they compare?


This is a feature loaded application that makes it possible for you to send free texts and make free calls to other LINE users. This app is quite popular in the US, UK, China and other south-east countries.  LINE allows you to make free calls without incurring any call costs. It is possible to call other LINE users from anywhere in the world. All you need is a strong internet connection to make these calls.

There are really no major negative issues with LINE. The audio quality is quite good if you are using a strong internet connection. The only downside is the absence of a logout button for the times you do not want to receive calls through LINE. Also, there are no missed calls indicators. Other than these minor mishaps, LINE is really one of the best voice calling apps available for free download.


This is yet another application that makes it possible for its users to send free texts, enjoy web chats and also voice calls for free. WeChat is mostly known for its ability to offer high quality video calling, not so much for voice calling. This is because WeChat does not use VoIP to allow users to make calls. Instead, the voice calls made on WeChat are in half-duplex. This makes WeChat work more like a walkie-talkie than a telephone.

To make voice calls, one has to press the microphone button to talk and release it once they are done talking. The voice is recorded and sent to the recipient.  This makes using WeChat for voice calls a little bit tiring because the user has to keep pressing and releasing when conversing.

Therefore, WeChat is not exactly ideal for voice calls, but is great for video calls and texting.


This is a VoIP application that makes it possible for you to call other Viber users seamlessly. Viber is also ideal for sending free message. Since the calls are handled via VoIP, there is a possibility that there may be latency issues. When using Viber in a location with strong internet connection, you are likely to have a good uninterrupted connection. However, call dropping and issues with clarity are common in places with bad internet coverage.

The greatest drawback with Viber is the call answering feature. When you receive a call on Viber, you will see the call coming in but you cannot respond until you unlock your device or slide the unlock bar. This diminishes the apps utility as a phone replacement. Also, when you receive a call on Viber without Wi-Fi connection, it will use up your data plan.


Even with these drawbacks, the three apps are ideal for making free calls to other users. Which of the three app is the best largely depends on your needs.

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