LG G Watch vs. Samsung Gear Live – Specifications and Pricing

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Since Google unveiled the Android Wear (an OS designed especially for wearable devices), users are waiting for a smartwatch with which they can completely utilize the OS and their smartphone.

Well, LG G Watch and Samsung Gear, offer exactly that: a watch that connects with your smartphone and syncs your two devices. Whether you like to admit or not, smartwatches are the next big thing in the world of technology and owning one becomes a standard. The question is which one to choose?

Design and Display

The design of these devices does not offer any luxurious or premium feel. They both have rectangular form and look rather boring. Samsung Gear Live has one advantage in the design section: it is built with metal, unlike the plastic on LG’s device. The downside of Gear Live is the strap that has a pin, users need to push in. This makes the phone complicated to use. G Watch, on the other hand, comes with a more traditional strap. Both phones have 22mm replaceable straps. LG has completely eliminated buttons from the watch, while Samsung has left a single button on the right side. And if you think no buttons is cool, wait until you power off the G Watch from the menu. Then you can only power on by plugging it in to charge.
The G Watch has a 1.65 inch LCD display, a tad larger than the one on the Gear Live. However, Samsung’s AMOLED technology gives the Gear Live a better look. There is no automatic brightness feature, meaning you need to lower/increase brightness manually all the time.

Hardware and Operating System

Both devices have identical specifications. They are powered by the Snapdragon 400 processor at 1.2GHz, and 512 MB of RAM memory. They have 4 GB internal storage for applications and the OS.
The Android Wear is a nifty OS, which syncs with your phone. You need to install the application on both your phone and smartwatch. Once they set up the OS, users receive information on their smartwatch about calls, messages, events and many more. Users can choose to receive notifications on both their phone and smartwatch or just on their watch. When you receive a message, you can reply via voice. The only problem with notifications is that the display area is small, so users get limited information. But this is an issue with almost all smartwatches.


What makes a smartwatch a worthy investment besides the performances, is the battery life. You want a device that can last at least one day. Gear Live lasts one working day without any problems, while the LG G Watch lasts a bit more. There are several tricks you can implement to increase the battery life, such as switching off the always on display option. The good news is, both smartwatches recharge fully in about one hour.


The LG G Watch costs around $250, while the price for the Samsung Gear Live is around $270.

Final Verdict

Both devices are handy, but nothing special. If you like to buy a smartwatch, they can do the trick. The Samsung Gear Live offers a better display and heart rate sensor, while LG is cheaper, lasts longer and can tell time.

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