Kingdom Hearts 3: Features People Want to See

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Kingdom Hearts 3 has created waves of anticipation among the game fanatics ever since it was announced at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The Japanese game has won itself a number of followers who are patiently waiting for the third installment of the franchise, which is all set for a worldwide release later this year. From the videos that have been divulged by the company, one can only make out that it is going to be packed with great graphics, better simulations and a host of innovative features that exploit the technology of the latest video gaming consoles, Play Station 4 and the XBox One. However, some of the most wanted features have been listed below, which the users would love to see in the new game.

Ability to Play Various Key Blade Wielders

This is a much awaited feature and the gamers are positive that some progress has been made in this direction. The ability to play as various key blade wielders at various points in the game, from their view point and having their powers, would not only be super interesting, but would also break the monotonous mode of the play. The way in which several key blades react individually and how they fight together would be fun to see if the players are allowed to choose the character they want to play and are allowed to switch while the game is on. Undoubtedly then, the battle would become all the more thrilling.

Return of the Drive Gauge

The Drive Gauge has been a much loved attraction of the game ever since the release of the first edition and users would love to see it return in this installment. The various forms that are present in the game add an element of fun as you bash away the Heartless. Using the Final Form in Kingdom Hearts was always a big thing as it could be used to completely dominate the enemies. So the Drive Gauge should return, in some form or the other, in order to add back the element of awe in the game.

Return of the Synthesis Feature

The Synthesis feature was another high point in the game and could be used to churn out awesome materials. Though it used to take time in the previous versions, but the end results were great and satisfying. This feature should return to the latest version of Kingdom Hearts and more accessories and materials should be added in order to allow the synthesis of more awesome and innovative materials.

Multiplayer Options and More Key Blades

Among some of the major changes that are anticipated by the users, this is one too. The game should have new key blades with or without the presence of the older ones. This would bring a new kind of novelty to the game as compared to the previous versions and make it more appealing.

A multiplayer option has been much in demand given the popularity of the game. A cooperative or competitive game play would instill more fun and interest in the game.

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