Is Nexus 6 Release Really That Important? Find Out About Android

In the last days a lot of people were interested of Nexus 6’s release. However, it seems that the Android fans no longer have to wait for Nexus 5’s sequel release date to get a feel of the Android experience that the upcoming phone will deliver. Google is planning to make all the Android devices, mostly smartphones, to feel and function like the Nexus 6.

According to a new report from The Information, it seems that the upcoming devices from LG, HTC, Lenovo, Samsung and Sony will have to build their tablets and phones that will show the true power of Android.

Four features that you will notice on future Android devices

20 Google apps

While the phone companies didn’t forbid Google’s own applications such as Gmail or Chrome, they will need to save some space for the default Android applications. There are around 20 Google Application that come preloaded with the upcoming Android devices.

Home screen

All the application we mentioned above must be “placed” somewhere. Google allowed us to customize our Home Screen the way we want, and we can keep to our Home Screen the applications that interest us the most. For example, if you use Facebook or Gmail daily, you should place them on your Home Screen. This way you will no need to look at a list with over 20-30 applications and search for the one you want to use. In order to put an application on your Home Screen, simply hold your finger on it and drag it in the Home Screen.

OK Google

“OK Google” will be activated on all the new tablets and phones that will come with Android. This will make Google voice search their default function on all Android kits.

Powered by Android

The “Powered by Android” will always be shown when you shut down your smartphone or when you turn it on, letting you know that the device runs on Android OS.

It’s not certain if the new Terms of use for Android will take effect before or after the Nexus 6’s release, which is expected to be somewhere in October or November 2014, along with Nexus 8/9 and Android 5.0 L.


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