Is Google Hangouts the Most Popular Choice Out There?

There are a lot of different apps which you can use for the sake of staying in touch.

One of the popular choices has to be Google Hangouts. If you are wondering as to whether or not, Google Hangouts is a good choice; here are the features you need to be familiar with.

Voice Call with Ease

Google Hangouts helps you make voice calls without any unwanted hassles. When you are using this app, you can easily access the contacts in your list. With a single click, you can make a call and talk for free. Not only this, even if you are looking to make a video call, it is easy to make a call. With the video calling facility, you can stay connected with your friends. If you have a stable internet connection, you should be able to call your friends without any interruption and call drop.

Share Your Screen

Google Hangouts is considered to be one of the top choices for holding virtual meetings. You have the provision for sharing your screen. When you have shared your screen, your employees will be able to see your screen and this makes it easier for you to explain the points and thereby offer a better understanding.

When you are holding virtual meetings, you need to communicate the same message to your employees and the best ways to do so is by sharing your screen and explaining the different points. Apart from this, there are various other features which Google Hangouts offer, which makes it fit for corporate use.

There are different options which you can access and Google Hangouts has been modified to make way for these changes. Just like Skype, you can instant message when you are on the call and switching from video call to voice call is extremely easy and smooth as well.

The Overall Verdict

Overall, one can say that Google Hangouts is definitely a much improved app with refined and better features. You can add as many people as you wish to your conversation and thereby enjoy a good time. Try and explore the features, if you are unaware of what Google Hangouts has to offer.

There was a time when Skype was the only preferred choice for those who wanted to video chat with their friends and relatives. However, things have changed a great deal ever since and we can now find Google Hangouts as a top popular choice.

Google Hangouts has nearly all the same features which Skype has to offer. You can use the mobile app to stay connected on the go. The fact that Hangouts is integrated directly in your Gmail mailbox means that accessing this app is not a problem and you can have it as and when you want.

Use Google Hangouts once and then you can pass your own verdict. When you have your contacts added to your Google Plus profile, you will find them in your chat list and you can click on the hangout button to enjoy unlimited free voice calls.

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