iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha – Performance And Sales, Who Will Win?

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With all the hype surrounding the battle between Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, many might have forgotten about the Galaxy Alpha, a device that was making a lot of waves not that long ago. The handset was considered a direct contender for the iPhone 6 prior to its release, and even though it got mixed review, specs don’t lie. The iPhone 6 already begun selling in the US, whereas the Galaxy Alpha did not, therefore the Apple handset starts off with an advantage. However, the Galaxy Alpha hasn’t lost the battle just because of that. The fact that they are both high-end devices means that the two are fighting from equal standpoints.

Bloomberg reports that the record breaking weekend sales for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are far ahead of any other performance from previous models, especially considering how the iPhone 3G stopped at the 1 million mark. The devices from last year, iPhone 5C and 5S, managed to score a combined number of 9 million. This year’s handsets, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus managed to top that while also reaching double digits and setting a new record with 10 million units sold. Since the new iPhone is considered as part of the “phablet” category, this might be one of the main reasons why Android consumers would be  swayed to switch over to iPhones, as many reported they would, due to their fascination with huge screens.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Alpha is preparing for its own sales numbers, as it will reportedly make its debut via AT&T in the United States on the 26th of September. The phone will be available online via the exclusive carrier.


If you think of the Galaxy Alpha as a device that couldn’t possibly stand a chance against the iPhone 6, the stop. The benchmark results for the Samsung handset showed numbers that topped even the Galaxy S5. The processor used for the device features eight cores and does a great job in making sure they don’t all get exhausted. The RAM is also great on the model, superior to what the iPhone 6 has.

Only 1 GB of RAM and a Cyclone processor featuring two cores and a 64-bit architecture is what Apple is putting on the table for the iPhone 6. It supposedly provides a performance that is 84 times faster than the one you could get out of the original iPhone device. The processing chip is Apple’s new A8 chip which manages the camera so that it doesn’t take out all the battery. Sensors featured on the display which show users information regarding altitude, position and such, will make use of the secondary M8 processor found inside the phone.

Although the majority still believes that the iPhone 6 will come out on top of the Galaxy Alpha, the Samsung device might be exactly what the company to get off the rough patch it’s been on lately.

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