iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha – Comparison of Features and Price

Many people expected this to be the battle between two extremely popular and powerful devices, the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

However, the latter failed to deliver top notch performances and build, and did not meet any expectations as well. After months of criticism, it seems Samsung has accepted the inevitable, the S5 is not that good a phone, and can’t compete with the high end devices. As a reaction, the company introduced Samsung Galaxy Alpha, a phone that looks similar to the S5 mini, but with better build quality. And with that, the Galaxy Alfa should be the competition to the iPhone 6. How do they fare against each other? Stay with us.

Design and Display

Samsung has finally ditched the plastic in favor of metal. The Alpha is still very much plastic build, but with aluminum around the sides. One may say that the Alpha looks like the iPhone 5S. Is Samsung risking another Galaxy S2 fiasco? Hopefully not, and the similarities end there. The feel you get with the Alpha is that Samsung is doing more testing and treading waters, than fully invest into something. The phone has lost the waterproof resistance, but has kept the fingerprint scanner and the heart rate sensor. Apple has changed the design of the iPhone 6, making it curvier than the previous flat models. But with the iPhone, you know you are getting a premium product. Apple has always managed to deliver quality designs. And when you get to the display comparison, both phones feature 4.7 inches screen display, but with different resolutions. Allegedly the Alpha’s screen resolution is set at 1280×720 pixels and density of 320ppi. That is a bit less than the 750×1334 screen resolution and 328ppi found at the iPhone 6. According to reports, Samsung has managed to produce an even thicker phone than the iPhone 6. Reported measurements of the Alpha are 132x65x6.7 weighing 115 grams, making it very light and ergonomic for one hand usage. The dimensions of the iPhone 6 are 138x67x6.9.

Hardware and Operating System

Samsung has decided to try something new here as well. The company has equipped the Alpha with its own Exynos 5 Octa chipset, which, it claims, is more powerful than the Snapdragon 805. The processor is quad core, clocked at 1.8GHz and supported by 2 GB of RAM memory. The power of the iPhone 6 remains a mystery, as Apple has not yet revealed details regarding the processor. What is known is that the chipset will be 64bit A8, allegedly 25% more powerful than the A7 chipset. Some sources suggest a dual core processor clocked at 1.4GHz is in the making, with the support of 1GB RAM memory.The bummer with Samsung’s device is the internal storage memory, which is capped at 32GB. Additionally, the company has decided to ditch the external slot, making storage space an issue for heavy storage users. Apple’s device comes with 16/64/128GB versions, but without an external slot as well.

The OS found on the Galaxy Alpha is the 4.4.4 Android KitKat, but with custom interface from Samsung. Newbies may have a hard time adjusting to it, as it looks nothing like the regular Android menu. Some of the extra apps are the S Planner and S Health. The iPhone 6 runs on the latest iOS 8, armed with tons of applications and features, including NFC mobile payment system technology.


Samsung has taken a step back with the camera. The Alpha features a 12-MP rear facing sensor. The downside is that it lacks Optical image stabilization, but the new real time HDR feature should balance it out. The feature allows users to see the light balancing on the screen of the device even before they take the picture. The device also comes with selfie friendly 2.1-MP front facing sensor. The iPhone, on the other hand, packs a rather decent 8-MP rear facing camera. On first glance, it is not much powerful. However, the hidden features are what make the camera excellent, including the option to record 240fps slow motion time lapse videos.


The battery capacity between the devices is almost equal. The iPhone 6 features a 1800 mAh battery, while the Alpha comes with 1860 mAh battery. Given the fact they both have a same screen display, it should not make much of a difference. However, Apple promised some cool battery saving features, and the new chip should also be much more energy efficient.


The alleged price for the iPhone 6 is set at $650 for the SIM free version. While Samsung has yet to reveal the price for the Alpha, it is widely assumed it would be less than the price of Apple’s device.

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