iPhone 6 to Come with Better Battery Capacity?

Many people will look forward to the new iPhone 6 due to its cool features like NFC mobile payment system, Sapphire glass protection, an improved camera and so on.

But the one thing everyone should be happy to see is better battery life.

The Problem with Smartphones

It is a tale as old as time. Smartphones are getting bigger, lighter, and thinner with every new generation. They feature more and more powerful processors, tons of new applications, and many more features that drain the battery. The space for the battery has decreased over the years as phones are getting thinner, yet, customers demand a battery that will last longer. Just for comparison, simpler phones from a decade ago could last for a week without charging. Customers are happy with a day and a half now a days.

The New Battery

Apple has seen its fair share of criticism for battery life. However, this time, the Cupertino based company promises to deliver better battery, that should last a whole day without problems. According to several reports, the iPhone 6 will come in two sizes, a 4.7-inches screen and a 5.5-inches screen. The current iPhone 5S, which is a 4 inches screen phone, has a battery capacity of 1560 mAh. Leaks suggest that the 4.7 inches version will come with 1810 mAh capacity, which is promising, but the star of the show might be the alleged 2915 mAh battery found on the 5.5-inches model. Experts say that a 1810 mAh battery capacity is way too low to keep Apple in shape with the competitors.

Preserve Battery life

Besides providing better battery, reports claim that the new device will come with a better operating system and many features that can help improve battery life. For example, the new iOS 8 is said to monitor which applications use the most power and let users know which apps to close. Another improvement is made with the A8 system on the chip, which adds performance and efficiency enhancements for better battery life.

Luckily for users, there are several ways they can manage their phone to preserve battery life. One of them, which were successful for iOS 7, is to prevent the phone from learning frequent locations. The other option is to disable moving wallpapers and stick to the still wallpaper.

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