iPhone 6 Release Date With Top 10 Most Needed Features

Apple scheduled the release date for its iPhone 6 to Sept 9. Its bigger competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has already been launched and the Galaxy Alpha is set be released on Sept12. So now it is the time for the Apple with the iPhone 6 to make its entrance.

The iPhone 6 will be released through the issue of a hacker who accessed unauthorized the iCloud accounts and posted online nude pictures of some celebrities. The event where the launching will take place is named the “Flint Center for Performing Arts “that has the location in Cupertino, in California.

Usually, the company has a habit of rolling out the new iPhone on the market after ten days from the launch. Thus, iPhone 6 is awaited to be released on Sept19. The four huge sale companies in the US that will have the opportunity to provide the new iPhone are Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

The information about the pricing has not been revealed yet. The iPhone Air premium with its screen display of sapphire is likely to be on the market with a higher price. Both the Apple devices will be purchasable in three color versions such as silver, grey, and gold.

The amazing features that come with the iPhone 6

1. Two iPhone 6 versions

The flourishing rumors are that the Apple iPhone 6 will come out in two variants, a 4.7 inched one that would be as a replacement for the iPhone 5S and the 5.5 inched model, which will be allowing the company to compete against Android handsets that are packed with a display of 5 inches or above. The 5.5 inched iPhone 6 is mentioned as the iPhone 6L or iPhone Air by numerous tech websites.

2. A Display of Sapphire Crystal

The rumor has it since the previous month that the iPhone 6 will boast with a sapphire display unlike the traditional glass screen.

Sapphire screen have high resistance to scratches and it won’t be broken so easily, but it definitely cost a lot more. Rumors pretend that this type of display is more appropriate for an iPhone that comes with higher specs, so that implies the iPhone Air might come packed with the sapphire display.

Also, since the company has some production issues, the iPhone Air is likely to not be bundled with the sapphire display and it might be attached to the next products.

3. Display

The Apple 4.7inched iPhone 6 is awaited to roll out with a sharper resolution of 1704x960pixels or 828x1472pixels. Though, both the iPhone 6 versions do not support full HD-resolution, yet.

But, if the iPhone Air desires to be a great competitor to Galaxy Note 4, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3 or HTC One M8, it should provide full HD or quad HD resolution.

4. An A8 processing

The iPhone 6 will come with a brand new A8 processor of 64-bit that is a dual core chipset providing a rate of 2 GHz.

Furthermore, the iPhone 6 is related to be bundled with an additional processor, Phosphorous. Also, the phablet will have some sensors such as air pressure sensor and barometer and what this coprocessor will actually do is to collect data from the processor to the A8 processor and the information will be showed to the user.

5. iOS 8

The iPhone 6 will have the iOS 8 preloaded on it. Apparently, the iOS 8 is difficult to be distinguished from the iOS 7. Thus, the Apple’s software engineers have done a terrific job in attaching great new features and increases to the OS.

The iOS 8 will allow easily using the iOS 8 running any i-devices with Mac OS X Yosemite. That will enable users to get voice calls or text messages via Mac. The hand-off feature will also enable customers to start a task on their device and continue it on other one.

6. Memory

The iPhone 6 is expected to come equipped with an outstanding in-built storage of 128 GB.  Also, it is reported that the new IPhone will not roll out in a 32 GB version.

Some speculations say that the 4.7 inched models will come with the same old internal memory, like 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB and the 128 GB will only be available for the iPhone Air.

7. Camera

The iPhone 6 is likely to come bundled with a better camera that will be over the 8 MP shooter of the iPhone 5S. Additionally, it will provide new lens, Sony-made. Thus, it is not certain if it will have a 13 MP or a 16 MP rear facing camera. One of its greatest features will be the optical image stabilization aka OIS.

8. “Touch ID” sensor

It is heavily speculated that the new Apple product will come with an enhanced fingerprint sensor “Touch ID”. This sensor will be more accurate and will be scan fingerprints faster.1

9. Connectivity

The “near field communication” is a function that enables two NFC devices to set wireless transmission to each other at the moment when they are brought very close. This feature can be used for sharing files, play games, making payments and many others.

Many Android handsets provide NFC at this moment, but none of the Apple devices have NFC. However, the next iPhone 6 is awaited to come with the NFC feature.

10. Battery

The new iPhone is also expected to come packed with a strong battery besides the sharper display and the brand new A8processor.

The rumors claim that the 4.7 inched iPhone 6 edition will be bundled with a battery unit of 1810 mAh. On the other hand, the iPhone Air will provide a better battery unit of 2915 mAh. Like the battery unit of the iPhone 5S, the new iPhone’s battery will be very slim.

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