iPhone 6 – Latest Rumors and Updates You Might Have Missed

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One thing is certain.

Apple has scheduled an event to release iPhone 6 on September 9. What can you expect from the new handset? Several rumors and leaked photos are spreading across the internet. We present you some of them.

NFC Technology

Several reports confirm that Apple will use NFC technology to create its own payment system, similar to Google Wallet. The company will use NFC to allow users to store secure and private information and make purchases. Apple already has hundreds of millions of credit card details from its iTunes users. It is only logical to allow users to store the information in a mobile wallet. There have been several leaked photos on the internet that suggest the NFC chip is reality.


For months, there have been rumors that the company will release two, different devices. One will be the iPhone 6, and the other is a 5.5-inch device that still has no name attached to it. The iPhone 6 will have 4.7-inches screen display. You can expect thinner device than its predecessor. Several reports suggest that the dimensions of the new handset will be 138 x 66 x 6.9.


Even though there were rumors of curved display, latest leaked photos suggest iPhone 6 will have flat screen, with softly rounded corners. The new design will resemble the style of iPad mini and iPad Air. However, the device will probably have slightly tapered glass front panel that allows the display to transition into the sides. iPhone 6 will have another resemblance with iPad, as the volume/mute buttons will be pill-shaded. The power button will be relocated from the top to the right hand side. This will allow smoother one hand usage. Leaked photos suggest separate flex cables for the volume and power button.

Screen Resolution

There have been several rumors regarding the specifications of the display. All rumors point to 4.7-inches screen size. However, there have been several theories for the resolution. One rumor suggests a resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels, and density of 326ppi. The second theory suggests resolution of 1704 x 960 pixels and density of 416ppi. This resolution should allow iPhone 6 to retain the 16:9 ratio, that 5/5S/5C have.

Rumors regarding specifications of the processor, suggest the device will use the new A8 chip from TSMC. The chip should be smaller and consume less energy. Reports suggest around 30% improvement in power, compared to the predecessor of iPhone 6. That being said, you can expect a dual core processor, but with much more power at 2.0GHz or higher. RAM memory will stay the same at 1 GB.


The camera is another area where users can expect improvement. Even though some reports suggest continued use of the 8-MP sensor, an improvement in quality of the camera is very likely. The safest bet is that iPhone 6 will use the 13-MP sensor from Sony. However, no matter which sensor the device will use, optical image stabilization is widely rumored as an added feature. The company has been working with InvenSense, trying to strike a deal that will allow Apple to add optical image stabilization to iPhone 6.

With just few more days left till the scheduled event, expect more rumors to spread around the internet. Nothing is certain yet, except the date of the event, September 9.

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