iPhone 5S vs Xiaomi Mi3 – Which One Is Better Comparison

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iPhone 5S by Apple and Mi3 by Xiaomi.

Today, most people want to buy the most innovative smartphone on the market, but there are so many options to select from. At this moment, there are two handsets that are leading in popularity, the Apple iPhone 5S and the Xiaomi Mi3. So, let’s find out which one of these two top-notch smartphones is the best to choose.

Xiaomi Mi3

The Chinese company, Xiaomi, has been manufacturing and providing innovative handsets since 2011. The Xiaomi Mi3 device comes with a battery capacity of 500h for standby time and 25h talk-time. It houses an internal storage of 16GB, a 2MP front facing camera that can record in HD quality along with a great 13MP primary shooter. Additionally, the handset has a display of 5inches, a screen resolution of 1080x1920pixels, with proximity and light sensors, a pixel density at 441ppi. The phone is running on Android OS and it weighs 5.11ounces. This device is purchasable at $379.50 on Amazon.

iPhone 5S

Apple is one of the most popular companies in the entire world, due to its bestselling devices. Its latest smartphone is the amazing iPhone 5s, which provides 250h for standby time and 10h talk-time. The handsets comes bundled with a great internal storage of 64GB, a primary camera of 8MP with a 1.2MP front facing shooter that can record in of HD quality. Additionally, the phone offers a screen resolution of 640x1136pixels and a pixel density at 326ppi, along with proximity and light sensors. It has a weight of 3.95ounces with an aluminum case design, and its display measures only 4inches. This iPhone can be bought from Amazon with $599.55.


Thus, both smartphone are one of the best innovative devices out there, the one that stands out is the Xiaomi Mi3, due to its great screen resolution and pixel density.

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