iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C – Top Hardware and Best Pricing Comparison

Apple has been a renowned name in the smartphone industry.

The company has been providing the user with state of the art smartphones and products, suiting their requirements. However, Apple adopted a different strategy this time by releasing two smartphones in the market. The buyer would now have the option of choosing from, not one, but two iPhone variants. The flagship variant of the company, the iPhone 5S comes equipped with enhanced features, whereas, the iPhone 5C comes with more color variety and a snappy punch. The iPhone 5C is available at an affordable price as compared to the pricy iPhone 5S smartphone.

Today, we compare the two smartphones with respect to their processor, storage and battery specifications.


The iPhone 5 encompasses a unique dual core Apple A7 processor, running at a speed of 1.3GHz, based on 64-bit technology. It is for the first time that a smartphone has been equipped with 64-bit technology to enhance its functionality. It has certainly put the 1.3GHz dual core Apple A6 processor of the iPhone 5C to test. Regardless, in real time usage, it would be difficult to tell which of the two smartphones is quicker. Both the smartphones display similar levels of snappiness in real time usage. The 64-bit processor of the iPhone 5S enable the developers to take advantage and implement various things. It shows the true power of the 64-bit technology, especially when playing heavy games on the handset.


Comparing the two smartphones in terms of storage, the iPhone 5S offers more variety, as it is available in 16, 32 and 64 Giga Bytes of internal storage variants. In comparison, there is no 64GB variant in the iPhone 5C model. The iPhone 5C comes in two internal storage variants only – 16GB and 32GB.


Comparing the two smartphones in terms of battery usage, both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C could last for a day with moderate usage. However, in terms of heavy usage, the iPhone 5C beats the iPhone 5S comfortably. The iPhone 5C offers the user with 12 hours of battery life, before you require charging the handset. In comparison, the iPhone 5S offers 10 hours of battery life with heavy usage.


In terms of pricing, the iPhone 5C is less expensive than the iPhone 5S smartphone. The iPhone 5C is available at a $100 contract price; whereas, the iPhone 5S is available at a $200 contract price. The higher price of the iPhone 5S is due to the range of features equipped in the handset, which are missing in the iPhone 5C handset.


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