iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C – Camera and Multimedia Comparison

Apple Incorporated has been in the news recently for its latest release, which, surprisingly, was not one, but was a double dose for the masses.

The release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C consequently, gave the masses twice the iPhone dosage. It was the first time for the company to come out with two handsets at the same time. Regardless, it provided the iPhone fans with two iPhone options to choose from. Both the handsets from Apple Incorporated, promise to woo its potential buyers with a plethora of features and a great looking spec sheet. The flagship handset for Apple Incorporated, the iPhone 5S, comes equipped with considerable hardware enhancements, as compared to the snappy punch of the iPhone 5C smartphone.

Today, we would compare the Camera and multimedia features of both the iPhone 5S and that of the iPhone 5C smartphones.


In terms of the camera, both smartphones run similar interface and functions. All things have been kept simple, with the UI not being cluttered with various items. Regardless, both smartphones lack significantly in the shooting department. Both smartphones are equipped with various color filters. In terms of manual control, both smartphones are a disappointment. However, the iPhone 5S comes equipped with a slow motion video capturing feature, which is an advantage over the iPhone 5C smartphone.

The iPhone 5S, on paper, has proved to be an ideal camera for shutterbugs. Whether it is true or not, let’s find out. The sample images taken from each iPhone reveals that there is not much of a difference between the iPhone smartphones, with respect to outdoor scenery with ample lighting. Finding the differences between the two could be a daunting task. Both the iPhones produce sharp details, balanced exposure and neutral color production. In fact, considering the iPhone 5S being equipped with a better camera, the revelation was shocking for us.

The iPhone 5C, with its camera specs, is capable to give its siblings a run for their money. However, the iPhone 5S still bears a superior camera in low light situations. The large aperture along with pixel size enables the iPhone 5S camera to capture more light, hence producing great results. The iPhone 5C also produces great results, but the pictures clicked from the iPhone 5S are far more satisfying, brighter and detailed. The iPhone 5C has more noise in its images, as compared to the iPhone 5S. The white and amber LED flashes of the iPhone 5S, enables the smartphones to bring forth more natural tone out of its subjects.

In terms of video recording ability, both the smartphones come equipped with 1080p HD video recording capability. Both the smartphones produce similar results, which are great to look at. Yet again, the iPhone 5S bags the prize with its superior low light video recording capability, which delivers smother recording and sharper visuals. In comparison, the noise problem softens the video recording ability of the iPhone 5C smartphone.


In terms of multimedia, both the smartphones lack the cover flow feature. The iOS 7 favors the new, yet conventional music player. Both emit robust tone, but the iPhone 5S has a better overall volume output, as compared to the iPhone 5C smartphone. Both smartphones offer similar video playing experience.


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