iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C – Best Camera Specs Comparison

Apple may have released its two handsets – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C simultaneously; but the two handsets are a world apart with respect to their design, specifications and most significantly, their price.

When choosing a handset, personal preference plays a major role. A potential buyer may be design-conscious, power freak or specification geek; they would choose a smartphone according to their preference.

Find below a hands-on comparison between the two handsets from Apple, with respect to their camera features and specifications. The following review would help you determine, which smartphone from Apple would suit your requirements.


Interface and Functionality: Comparing the camera applications of the two handsets, the user would not find much difference between the two, in terms of camera interface and functionality. The user interface of both the handsets has been kept simple, without making it much chaotic. However, both the handsets lacks drastically in the shooting mode department. Both the handsets have been equipped with various color filters. Talking of manual controls, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C smartphones lack in such features. However, the iPhone 5S comes equipped with slow motion video recording feature, providing the user with polished effects.

Image Quality: In terms of image quality, iPhone 5S takes the front seat. Comparing the sample images of the two handsets, the user may not find much difference in terms of image quality, when the snaps have been clicked in outdoor scenery. Sufficient lighting would cause the image to appear sharper, with balanced exposure and neutral color reproduction. The image quality of both the handsets appears quite similar to each other.

Apple iPhone 5C would give its counterparts, from other companies, a run for their money. However, in terms of camera specs, as compared to that of iPhone 5S, the 5C lacks performance. Apple iPhone 5S reveals its true camera specs under low lighting conditions. The large aperture along with big pixel size of the iSight camera enables the sensor to gather in more light, to provide a satisfying image quality to the user. Both the smartphones offer great image shots, but the iPhone 5S images are simply fantastic, with more details and brighter colors. In addition, the iPhone 5C images offer more noise. Not to forget, the dual LED light feature – Amber and White, equipped on the iPhone 5S handset, offers the subject a natural looking skin tone.

Video Recording: In terms of video recording, both handsets offer similar 1080p HD video recording abilities. However, with adequate lighting, both handsets offer similar video effects. Once again, iPhone 5S emerges with its low light video recording ability, providing smoother recording and sharper visuals. On the other hand, iPhone 5C offers soft videos, distracted by the abundance of noise.


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