iPad Mini 3 – The Wait is About To Be Over

iPad lovers cannot wait to get their hands on the iPad Mini 3, which is slated for an October release. While there are no official reports by Apple regarding the exact specifications, the date of release or anything likewise, there are some very strong rumors circulating in the market. Here, let us talk about the features that iPad Mini is likely to have.

Apple Goes For Big Things

After sticking to a decent average screen size, Apple increased the size of the screens for the recently launched iPhone models. There are rumors that iPad models are going to follow on similar lines. While there is no specific screen size detail in the market, it is likely that iPad Mini 3 is going to be larger than Mini 2 because Apple seems to have caught the fancy of going big.

A Brand New Processor

We have always loved a new processor because Apple makes it a point to bring something dynamic to the equation. It is pointless to add that A8, which is the new processor, is going to be powerfully brilliant and packed with even more improved features.

There are rumors that the iPad Mini is likely to have A8 chipsets. Rumors go on to suggest that the device may come with a separate M8 graphic processor as well. If this is true, one can expect really improved and powerful graphics display from the new version of the iPad Mini.

Our Very Own IOS 8

After the huge hype and buzz that surrounded iOS 8, you can be hopeful that the new generation of iPads is going to sport this new operating system. The new iOS does come with its own share of useful features and it includes the likes of the much hyped health app and a plethora of other innovative apps as well. So, a brand new operating system for the iPad Mini seems very plausible at the moment.

Camera Improvements

Those who have a passion for photography need to know that the iPad Mini 3 is likely to give you some major camera improvements as well. It may come equipped with 8 megapixels camera and might even have the touch fingerprint sensor for enhanced security.

These are some of the rumors which are doing the rounds. If the model is really slated for an October release, Apple should be coming forth with an official announcement very shortly. The previous iPad Mini models did turn out to be a hit among the masses and Apple authorities must therefore be optimistic about this new generation of iPad as well.

We are hoping that with an increase in screen size, we do not end up being disappointed with the screen resolution. Apple has always been proud of the features that it has presented. The users are hopeful that Apple will stay true to its own hallmark of offering quality products. One can expect some major changes in the overall look and design.

There is no clue about what the price is going to be and we will have to wait till the official launch to get an accurate idea.

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