Instagram’s Rich Kid Goes to Jail for Selling an iPhone

If you have been closely following Instagram, you would have known about the user named Lavish P also known as Param Sharma.

The 18 year old guy is famous for being an extreme show off on the photo sharing social network. He often posts pictures flaunting multiple iPhones, dollar notes spread on his bed, and other poses that would seriously make anyone jealous.

Selling A Stolen iPhone

While people have been constantly scolding him for being a jerk on the internet, he often replies to them back claiming he is sorry they are not as fortunate as him. But, today’s news might bring a smile on most users’ faces because with more money comes more trouble. It is time for Param Sharma to pay off his debts because even though he has so many diamond studded iPhones at this disposal, he has now gone to jail for selling a stolen iPhone on Craigslist.

His attorney claims that the Instagram kid never intended to sell a stolen phone but that he made the listing on craigslist simply to help a friend. Despite all their pleas, the court has claimed that Sharma didn’t make the necessary attempts to find the real owner of the phone and hence should be deemed guilty. His attorney Andrew Shalaby claims that the bond that the California court has imposed for such a low level crime is too high. The court has imposed an exorbitant fine of $30, 000.

Serving Jail Time

According to the news reports, he won’t be posting on Instagram for some time because the guy has been sentenced to 90 days in jail. Out of the time period, some will be spent in the worst psych ward and he will later be returned to normal prison area. The attorney has filed for additional plea to release him because the crime doesn’t warrant such a harsh punishment.

The news that he got arrested became viral in the internet because a lot of people know him for the cash that he owns. He always bathes in rich wine, sleeps in a bed made up of dollar notes and shows off his new diamond studded iPhones. It is an irony that the rich kid made it to the front page multiple times for being so lavish on Instagram but now his arrest got the same level of media attention, even though we know that he wouldn’t watch such. Let’s see if he changes his ways once he gets released.



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