Instagram Introduces Selfielapse Feature to Make Easy Timelapse Videos

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Instagram originally launched their hyperlapse app in the month of August and within two months since its original release they have come up with another unique addition to it.

This app was debuted to let users film videos of any length, which can easily be converted into short timelapses for easy sharing and to make creative ideas come to life. The newest addition brings in some unique features to this one as it allows users to make videos using their front as well as the rear camera, automatic video stabilization and other useful additions.

The selfie phenomenon is fast catching up among people of all age groups and app developers have started catering to their needs in a strong manner. Recently, phone manufacturers started introducing models with bigger front cameras and now video recording using them is becoming popular.

Introducing Selfielapse

The first released app hyperlapse which allowed users to cut their long videos into short timelapses works, only with the rear camera, on your phone or tablet. It is not bad, but with an entire generation of people who wish to use their front camera more, it is not surprising that the company has added support for it as well. Known as the selfielapse, it will be part of the Instagram app which will allow users to take videos as they please. The good thing is that you don’t have to have a separate Instagram account but all the videos taken will rather directly move to the camera storage.

When you wish to record something using this new feature, you just have to select which camera you wish to use. The next step is to select a playback speed at 1x to 12x. Just click on the green check mark to save the file in your camera roll and later it can be easily shared on your favourite social networking platform.

Video Stabilization

It is an important feature because the quality of timelapse videos lets you create, handheld videos in slow motion. The app lets you literally make videos that have a movie quality output which was originally made possible only using professional equipment. The aim of the app was to make sure you are able to create such videos in a simplified manner, without possessing any strong knowledge of the concept of timelapse. Hyperlapse opens a whole lot of possibilities for Instagram users in terms of creating family gatherings to capturing the entire sunset.


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