HTC One Mini vs HTC One Mini 2 : Which Is the Meaner Mini?

It has now become a trend that every flagship smartphone is followed by the launch of a mini version, which is a more accessible version of the flagship phone.

HTC has caught on to this. In the smaller HTC versions, we look at how the HTC One Mini and HTC One Mini 2 compare.

HTC One Mini 2 is supposed to give its users the same user experience like that found in HTC One Mini, but with even better features. Noticeably, the Mini2 might be said to be a MINI version of the One M8. It has a similar metallic exterior and it even has the same look. Even so, the Mini 2 lacks some key features that would make it one of the greats.

The Screen

Both smartphones have a 720p display. However, the One Mini has a 4.3 inch screen and the One Mini 2 has a 4.5 inch display. Although this difference is small, it is noticeable. Overall, both phones have small screens; thus the name Mini. They both also have a high-quality display.

The Design

HTC One Mini 2 has measurements of 137.43×65.04×10.6mm and weighs 137g; whereas the One Mini has measurements of 132×63.2×9.3mm and weighs 122 grams. The One Mini 2 has dimensions and weight that are noticeably higher, mostly due to its screen size.

Both phones seem to have an identical design. They have high-quality, brushed metallic rear covers with plastic bands surrounding the edges. However, the One Mini’s plastic band is more noticeable than that of the One Mini 2. They both also have boom sound speakers at the front. However, the One Mini 2 sports improved speakers that offer great quality sound.

The Processor

The One Mini 2 uses a Snapdragon 400, Quad-Core, 1.2GHz processor with 2GB RAM. The One Mini comes with a Snapdragon 400, 1.4GHz processor and 1GB RAM. As such, the One Mini 2 has twice as much power when it comes to processor cores. Both phones, however, have the same internal memory.

The Operating System and Camera

Both smartphones run on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat version with the HTC Sense UI. HTC One Mini 2 has the Sense 6 while HTC One Mini has the Sense 5.

As for the cameras, HTC One Mini has 4 an ultra-pixel camera, whereas the One Mini 2 has a 13 megapixel camera. The photo quality differs greatly between the two, when taking photos in various modes. The One Mini takes much better images under low light compared to the One Mini 2.  However, the One Mini 2 takes excellent photos in well lit environments.

One Mini 2 has a 5 megapixel front-facing camera while the One Mini has a 1.5 megapixel front-facing camera. Both smartphones can shoot up to 1080p videos. From the look of it, the HTC One Mini 2 is an upgraded version of the One Mini making it a much better choice.


The One Mini 2 slightly costs more than the One Mini. The One Mini 2 goes for about $400. The One Mini goes for $300.

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