HTC One Max vs LG G Flex – Interface and Functionality Compared

Today, we compare the LG G Flex against the HTC One Max smartphone in terms of their interface and functionality.

Both the companies have struggled initially in the smartphone arena. However, the companies have been in the smartphone business for quite some time now. At the initial stages, these companies came up with small but powerful variants of smartphones. However, with the changing times and trends, bigger screens have become a must-have for the masses. The HTC One Max, as the name suggests, is a bigger version of the company’s flagship smartphone, the HTC One. Let us compare these two handsets in terms of their interface, functionality and processor to provide the potential buyers with an informed decision.

Interface and Functionality

The HTC One Max sports a Sense 5.5 UI, which has received accolades for being a modern design interface. It offers the user a cleaner look. In fact, it is very different to what the users have been accustomed to with the Android based operating system. In comparison, the LG G Flex comes with a customized Android UX interface, which has been found lacking with a more fashionable look. In comparison, the HTC One Max comes with a more chic look, offering rich features to the users. The UI of LG G Flex is suitable for users who are obsessed with power.

However, in terms of handling multimedia, both the smartphones offer very different experience altogether. The HTC One Max smartphone comes with a more standard Android operation, as compared to a more quantified aspect in terms of multi tasking. The inclusion of QSlide apps, latest Dual Window and SlideAside feature of the LG G Flex smartphone provides a better multi tasking experience.

With respect to the notification panels on both the devices, both smartphones offer similar capacity on their surface. However, the LG G Flex offers the user deeper functions, as compared to the HTC One Max smartphone. Both the handsets offer various connectivity features, but the G Flex smartphone offers more than its counterpart does in terms of connectivity. The G Flex offers the user with QRemote application.

In terms of productivity, both these handsets come equipped with Polaris Office 5, in order to keep the users busy, when on the run. Similarly, the note-taking applications of both the handsets – QMemo of the G Flex and Scribble of the HTC One Max smartphone, offer the users with almost similar levels of experience. Therefore, it is difficult to find one smartphones more useful than the other.


HTC has been criticized for making use of older chipsets. Even, in the HTC One Max, the company does not equip the handset with state of the art chipset. The HTC One Max comes equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 SoC, running at a speed of 1.7 GHz. In comparison, the LG G Flex comes equipped with a superior processor – the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Soc chipset, running at a speed of 2.2 GHz.

However, the HTC One Max is not a slouch either, offering the user with responsive performance. In comparison, the LG G Flex offers a much better performance.

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