HTC Desire 516 vs Nokia X – Which Ones Wins Between Nokia and HTC?

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One comes from Nokia, while the other bears the HTC mark. Today we’re putting them against each other to see which comes out victorious. Both similarities and differences will be taken into consideration in this comparison.  One of the major similarities is the operating system, as both devices run Google’s Android and come with support for the Jelly Bean version.

The HTC Desire 516 measures 5.51 x 2.83 x 0.38 inches, whereas the Nokia X measures 4.55 x 2.48 x 0.41, thus making it smaller and thicker than HTC’s device. The Nokia X also weighs less than the Desire 516 with 128.7 grams as compared to its competitor’s 160 grams.

In terms of displays, the HTC Desire 516 comes out on top with its superior 5 inch screen, as compared to the 4 inch screen of the Nokia X. The resolution is also in favor of the HTC phone, as it uses a 540 x 960 resolution against the Nokia’s 480 x 800. The pixel density, however, is a different case, as the Nokia X manages to score higher stats. The HTC Desire 516 has a 220 ppi pixel density while the Nokia X has a 233 ppi pixel density

If you get the HTC Desire 516 you will benefit from 4 GB of internal storage capacity combined with 1 GB of RAM. On the other hand, the Nokia X comes with only 768 MB of RAM, but the same amount of internal storage capacity as the HTC Desire, which is 4 GB. Both devices support microSD card which means that you can boost the memory capacity up to 32 GB on either handset.

Moving down to the processing units, the HTC Desire 615 houses a Qualcomm-branded processing unit, which is the Snapdragon 200 clocked at 1.2 GHz. In addition, it uses the Adreno 302 graphics processing unit for visual rendering. The processing unit that comes with the Nokia X is a bit slower, clocked at only 1 GHz, but it is also a Qualcomm chip, branded Snapdragon S4 Play. The Adreno 203 is on duty for the Nokia handset as for as graphics processing goes.

Another important feature on both devices is the camera that comes with the units. The HTC handset uses a 5 MP camera on the rear, while the Nokia X settles for a weaker 3.15 MP camera. The Desire 516 is capable of shooting 30 fps video at a 720p quality.

You can grab the Nokia X for about $115 on, where the HTC Desire 516 is around $230

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