HTC Desire 516 Dual Sim vs. Moto G – Pricing and Specifications Compared

The Moto G remains the undisputed king in the mid-range smartphone segment due to its exceptional performance and value for money.

However, this has not prevented competitors from coming up with new ways of overtaking the Moto G, in terms of popularity. The HTC Desire 516 dual sim attempts to do this by virtue of supporting two SIM cards at the same time, while also offering most of the features of the Moto G.


A standout aspect of the Moto G is the 4.5 inch display with 720p resolution. This makes it one of the detailed displays in the mid-range segment. The amount of detail present in the Moto G’s screen becomes apparent after looking at the 5 inch display on the HTC Desire 516 dual sim. This phone offers only 540 x 960 pixels of resolution, which is not enough to eliminate the pixels that are clearly visible to the naked eye at times. This is not the case with the Moto G with its pixel density that matches the pixel density of the iPhone 5S.

After losing in the display department, HTC’s Desire 516 does not fare well in the memory department as well. Compared with the 8 GB and 16 GB offerings on the Moto G, the 4 GB present as an internal storage on the Desire 516 feels extremely low. The presence of the external memory card support becomes far more important in this regard. The Moto G lacks memory card support, which can be used to expand the Desire 516’s memory by 32 GB.


The improvement in memory does not mean an improvement in performance for the Desire 516, which suffers as a result of having the incredibly power hungry HTC Sense user interface. Despite omitting some of the features found in higher end phones, the HTC Sense cannot match with the performance offered by the stock experience on the Moto G. It is one of the reasons behind the Moto G being able to run the latest android 4.4 KitKat; while it will not be surprising to see the phone runs future android L as well. The HTC Desire 516 comes with a significantly older android jellybean and it is unlikely to receive any updates.

One of the reasons for the poor performance from the HTC Desire 516 is the snapdragon 200 processor. It may be a quad core 1.2 GHz unit, but it is easily beaten by the snapdragon 400 processor on the Moto G. The Motorola phone runs a similar spec processor in terms of clock speed, but the new generation architecture from the 400 series coupled with the latest Adreno 305 (the Desire 516 uses the Adreno 302) GPU makes a lot of difference.

Both phones are expected to last a full day on moderate usage. This decent battery life is offered by a 2070 mAh battery on the Moto G, while the HTC Desire 516 offers a 1950 mAh battery. The last stocks of the first generation Moto G retails at $180 while the HTC Desire 516 retails for $230.

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