How Does Apple Watch Stake Up against the Competition?

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Apple has always been late in entering into segments, with the iPad being one of the visible exceptions.

This is no different in the case of the smartwatch. After several competitors like Motorola and Samsung have claimed a stake in this segment, Apple has come out with the Apple Watch that promises to be a game changer indeed.


The Apple Watch is not too different from those sold by the current competitors, in terms of design. It features a rectangular touchscreen display, but a unique aspect of the device is its digital crown. Reminiscent of the crown that is present in the normal watch this is used to perform much more than changing time. The likes of Moto 360 also have this design, but the crown has not much use as found on the Apple Watch. Interestingly, the Samsung Galaxy Gear completely lacks this aspect and relies only upon the touchscreen for its usage.

In terms of design, the Apple Watch is not a striking design. However, it has the capability to become a huge success in the segment because of its wide portfolio. Unlike the smartwatches from companies like Motorola, LG, and Samsung, the Apple Watch is available in different sizes and with different strap materials. It even comes with the ability to gold-plate the exterior with pure 18 carat gold. Apple offers three collections of the Apple Watch to suit every need.

Not every hand is similar and this limits most of the smartwatches for common usage. People with smaller wrists have tended to shy away from the smartwatch while those with larger wrists have often found the watches to be tiny for their liking. Apple goes to some extent in solving this problem by offering the Apple Watch in two different sizes. The larger Apple Watch comes with a 1.7 inch display, whereas the smaller one comes with a 1.5 inch display. Every other aspect of the product remains similar.

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The Moto 360, which is fast turning out into one of the popular smartwatches, also offers a 1.5 inch display, but it is not available in different sizes. It is perceived to be more attractive in the eyes of many due to its round design, but it also results in a smaller portion of the screen being set aside for various sensors. The Galaxy Gear is one of the early entrants into the segment, but it seems to have lagged significantly behind its rivals due to its design. Further, the decision by Samsung to use the Tizen operating system instead of the Android OS may have resulted in more battery life, but it has diminished the attractiveness.

Apple Watch is undoubtedly going to be the most expensive of all the smartwatches. Even the base versions are set to start at $350, while it is possible that the gold-plated versions will cost around $2000. In contrast, the Moto 360 comes at around $250 while the manufacturers like LG, Sony, and Samsung also adopt similar pricing of their products. Apple has not commented on the battery life of the Apple Watch, but the device is expected to last around a day of heavy usage.

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