Health – Your Kids Hate Veggies? Here Are Some Tips

So many mothers spend sleepless nights musing over how to get their kids to eat vegetables. We are all aware of the high nutritional contents in vegetables and if your kid detests vegetables, it can create troubles for his/her health. As a parent, it is your responsibility to come up with creative ideas, tips and strategies to ensure that your kid loves veggies and doesn’t pursue a monogamous hate relationship with the nutritious vegetables.

Here are some tips that have been tried, tested and known to be successful too.

Play With Your Creative Imagination

You need to know how to make the most boring of foods interesting. When your kids are little, nothing fascinates them more than a wild adventure. Kids crave to hear stories and if you can associate boring and tasteless food with legendary adventures or even dress the meals with some creativity, it will force your kids to at least try the vegetables out.

Try and coax them into eating by narrating how prince charming always ate a broccoli to ward off the evil monster. These silly stories can end up creating the right set of difference.

Rewards Always Work

There is nothing more fascinating for a child than earning the right set of rewards. If your child has walked the extra mile and diligently completed his nutritious meal, do not let his/her effort go waste. You need to know how to give the right invectives to your children. When your kids are rewarded for simple acts like eating vegetables, it will give them the impetus to hear what you say and this might be the start of healthy food habits.

When you reward your kid for eating the vegetables, they are likely to try it next time in anticipation of another gift or a token of appreciation.

A Little Cheese and Butter Never Hurts

Do not expect your kid to be saints. They have food buds that crave for delicious and delectable meals and not tasteless green food. If you want them to have vegetables, you need to compromise a little too. Do not overanalyze your food and make sure to add a little butter, cheese or other add-ons to give some taste to the food. Sometimes, it is the tiniest slice of cheese that can create the difference and will make sure that your kid won’t repulse at the sight of his food. Learn how to mix and mash the food a little so that it isn’t horrible to taste.

Even in vegetables, there are various options and not all among them are tasteless. Try and pick those vegetables that are relatively good to eat and do not fall in a boring eating timetable. It is important to mix the menu daily and have some spice to keep your kids interested.

Break A Few Rules

If your table rules include consuming the last morsel, you need to break a few rules sometimes. Do not pressurize your child into eating every single morsel because that might be overdoing a little too much and can create more trouble than you wish to manage. Let them eat some of the vegetables and if it seems impossible to finish it off, let it go. Children really appreciate such random acts of kindness once in a while.

These are the best formula that is sure to help you in forging the right kind of eating habits. Once you can get your child to eat green vegetables, it will have a positive impact on their health and as a parent, you really could not ask for more.

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