GTA 5 Xbox One, PC and PS4 Release Date

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A dealer has suggested that the next GTA sequel, the GTA 5 launch date is probably going to be changed for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions. Due to a Gamepur report from September 5, Big W addressed an open letter to buyers about the release of the next generation system of the latest GTA. The Australian dealer first revealed that the Xbox One and PS4 versions were initially publicized to release during the November.

Nonetheless, Big W disclosed that the fifth game of GTA won’t be released to the next generation ports, and probably the PC version as well, until the spring of next year. At the end of the letter the company apologized to its fans for this inconvenience. Also, the Rockstar Games Company has recently denied a statement from VG247 about the ports being delayed for 2015. Thus, Rockstar Games has not offered a more exact release window for the game, yet.

GTA 5 version for Xbox One, PS4, and PC was officially announced earlier this year, after some months of many speculations. The actual release might happen later than it is expected because the developers want to add all the features that were planned. Rockstar North will enhance the texture little details that include adding more cars, animals, and vegetation to the surroundings areas. Moreover, it is notable that the resolution will also reach up to original 1080 p.

The team developing the game is also occupied with keeping updated the previous versions of the game for Xbox 360 and PS3 with new DLC packs.  Also, the GTA Online, for instance, has been postponed for an unspecified period of time as Rockstar North confessed that some glitches are still in progress to be removed before the cooperative game missions could be launched. Furthermore, rumor has it that the company will release DLC bundles based on zombies and casinos in the close future.

GTA V has already garnered an install found of over 30million players on Xbox 360 and PS3. Hence, the company does not want to neglect the players of the game and it has its focus on working to the new ports.


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